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September 11, 2018 (200US)
The Blog and Antigone   

There's me reaching the entry 200 of michelpotayblog.net, which was first called freesoulblog.net.
I designed the blog in 2006 in the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). In July 2018 an alarmist computer analyst told me that that the HTML is going to vanish and be substituted for the PHP with a MySQL database like in WordPress. I have just begun my ninetieth year. Will I be obliged to alter my habits? I do not know. I will try, if the change needs to be done. In any case I hope that all I have written in HTML 4 or 5 ever since 2006 will stay machine-readable for a long time.

Christiane, my wife who lived next to me while I was languishing for the endless years when my brothers kept me in the background, sometimes tells me, "You were rescued from isolation the day you had the idea of  creating a blog. It enables the penitents and harvesters and others people to understand  The Revelation of Arès the right way."

Antigone enterrant Polynice

Antigone caught in the act of burying her brother Polyneices.
Like Antigone my blog  tries hard to save the world from the
law of rats (xix/24) that predestines it to unworthy decomposition.

There is nowhere a thing, whatever, likely to appeal to all of men. There are also things which, though they are of major importance or even vital  — in terms of time (Rev of Arès 12/6) the sin of sins (38/2) might be mankind's dreadful end —, have been known by very few people. It's the case with this blog.

In the spring 2018, early on a Sunday, while sister Christiane was out to buy a grilled chicken at the Market st-Augustine's roaster, the phone rings. I am alone at home; I  pick it up. A voice distinguished though somewhat weary, maybe an old man's voice, tells me in substance, "There are three great books, 'The Idiot' by Dostoevsky, 'Robinson Crusoé' by Defoe and 'Don Quichotte' by Cervantes, but there's at least a really praiseworthy great blog, Michel Potay's blog. Please tell him my homage ! He unmasks Dagon, the imposture that's still lasting today; he straightens up the pillars of the temple that had been Philistine [an allusion to Juges 16/22-31], he devotes it to the real Father nowadays." I say, "I am Michel Potay. Who are you?" He replies, "I'am happy to hear you. I can't introduce myself. I'm sorry." I say, "Brother, you've just raised the real problem. People know me the way they know Antigone. A nice guy, but only a guy who gives the spiritual world, which is dead, a worthy burial. People think there's no point in doing it, so they let him be walled up alive. behind the stones of silence. But I've not been burying the spiritual man; I raise him from the dead instead ." He keeps quiet and then hangs up.

My blog is my Antigone. Antigone less with sisterly affection than with acute love for man as a sacred creature rejected king Creon's law that ordered that her dead brother Polyneices should be left to be eaten by dogs and rats and rotting away un full view of everybody. As she had wanted to revere her brother's humanity, Creon had Antigone walled up alive. Just as Antigone thought it better to die rather than give up love for the brother man, I think it better to die than let the world, to which I belong, be torn to pieces and rot away, and to which I once raised from the dead (Rev of Arès 31/11) could come back, on the Day (31/8) when the human beings have triumphed over evil. I struggle so that the world, which is dying already and might die soon, will not end up in the sin of sins (38/2), and so that I will not forever remain a soul — supposing my poor penitence brings me a soul — that will run from star to star (vi/1-7), and so that I will be a real cocreator of the world, a complete cocreator, flesh, mind and soul (17/7), and so that I will be One (xxiv/1) in the One.

For the time being we Arès Pilgrims isolated among seven billion humans only make up a very small parish on the shores of the Sea (Rev of Arès 18/4, xxi/12, etc.), that separates us from the tremendously far-off Father. The blog is our little parochial bulletin. In the world where even ideas are technical and systemic, we are apostles without any theory or dogmae or system, artless Children (Rev of Arès13/5) of Life (24/5), just people of faith. People of faith are never so sure; you can even tell people of faith by their uncertainty, because they are aware that the absolute Truth cannot be approached by the man's small brains — some say that only 10 % of man's brains can work, others say a little more — jammed by prejudices and theories. Aren't we observing that Catholics, Orthodoxes, Protestants, Sunnis,Shiites, Jews of a hundred subjections are closed up in their donjons and unable to listen to each other?", said Goethe. Goethe added, "Only whatever can fertilize is true. Turn down the unfruitful principles and dogmae, which the mighty proclaim!" The French most unfortunately tend to modelize and structure everything, tend to semiology and codes... Though predominantly French we Arès Pilgrims are against that. So we are taken for ignoramuses  and simpletons, whereas we are those who have hit the free paths towards the Hights.
Many people read this blog, because it's true what it says, but they refrain from speaking about it, telling they believe it down to the root and even to the Core (Rev of Arès xxxiv/6). The blog struggles, just as Antigone struggled, against the fear of the judgement of others which causes a lot of men to hide behind the law, whether the written one or that of common ways, which are king Creon's never-changing law, at which they grouse, but which they fear. A lot of people do not dare confess that all of men should — why do they always speak in the conditional? —  stop hiding from Evil that manages society.
The blog keeps on then. It will end up being noticed by many people.

copyright 2018

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