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August XX,  2018 (199US)
what the True means  

What is the True (Rev of Arès xxxiv/1-4)? It is the Word or the Book that speaks whenever the prophet speaks (i/12, xxxvi/11-14).
The True is the infinite echo of the Victory or Triumph (Rev of Arès 10/7-8) of the Plan (28/27, 36/8) and Life (24/5).
Even the most consecrated rats' law (Rev of Arès xix/24) cannot express the Sanctity, Power and Light (12/4) likely to create a thousand new suns on the day when our sun goes out (xxii/12).

The True has no use for the minutiae, with which the webs of religion, politics and other bodies are spinned, which dissect, hull, detail, stipple. Sin is a wretched head-shrinker!
The True can't be but fundamental, sublime, as transcendent as Life that we have to find (Rev of Arès 24/5).
Everything else is just books written by humans (16/12, 35/12).

Le Point Visé, Paul Klee 1922

The point aimed at (Paul Klee, 1922)
The only point God aims at is the Triumph of Good

The Revelation of Arès has one meaning straightforward and ultimate.
It says that man can still revive the Creator's image and likeness (Genesis 1/26) in himself before the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2) or Evil, which is man's institution, reaches its climax and exterminates all of men wolfing themselves down, and by penitence (30/11) recover the control of his destiny as freely (10/10) as God controls His, and recovers Life (24/5), and makes the Breath his own breath.
Recovering Life does not require refraining from eating pork or non-kosher non-hillal meat, or stoning to death the man who gathers wood on the Sabbath day (Numbers 15/32-36), or being a king like David or Solomon, or abiding by dogmae, or praying in a way but not in another. Recovering Life is not ending up lying on cushions or beds while being waited on by ephebes and dark-eyed houris (Quran 56/12-22). Recovering Life or the True is mastering love, forgi­veness, peace, spiritual intelligence (32/5) free (10/10) from preju­dices, in short having a soul yielded by penitence (30/11), the redeeming force of which persists eternally, because they join us to the One with Whom man end up being one himself (xxiv/1).

The Father noticeably feels uncomfortable having no means but a flawed (2/12) human language devoid of transcendence to speak. The Revelation of Arès mentions prophets. It does not mention the books that they have been credited with: the Bible, the Quran and so on, which have been distorted by man's word (16/12) or man's books (35/12).
After I had listened to the Messenger (1974) and then the Father (1977) and I had compared the Arès Message and the religions' holy Writ, I was aware that men, whenever they think they are chosen (Rev of Arès 27/1), designated to screen God's Word, change trivialities into laws, pretend to know the absolute keys to salvation, or damnation, the clean and the unclean, and they unfortunately lead people astray.
The Revelation of Arès, which is the simplest True, brings us back to the paths to Salvation.

Only the image and likeness of God, which is the mirror of Love, is the mainspring of Life, Whose reflection Good is on earth, as it is, love that is recognizable by the fact that it is not associated with outcomes, but it is associated with the sbsolute. Evangelical love and Love are as one (Rev of Arès 32/3) ). The absolute lies in each human potentially and regrows in a penitent, because the Absolute is in God, who is One. A good man or his soul is a divine fragment that can't come unstruck from the One.
Be one in yourself ! (Rev of Arès xxiv/1). The Father's Children (13/5) have not been created as societal beings, but as free ones (10/10). Societal instinct originates in sin. Society as a human machine with rulers and law — which the Father ignores (16/1, 3/4, 28/8, xix/24) — was a fabrication of Adam (2/1-5) when he fell in lions' and billygoats' animality again (vii/7). The mechanical societal block in the rationalist, which is uppermost nowadays, has forgotten that each man individually is accountable for Good and Evil, each man is answerable for and the causal part of his sins or his penitence. Each man makes humanity, but humanity does not make each man. This is why God says that the world is going to change (28/7) thanks to a small remnant of penitent individuals, because the masses cannot be penitent.
God tells, "Why do you say,'Fathers eat unripe grape,but their sons' teeth are set on edge?' You will not say it again, because each human being is in Me as an entire wholehearted person (who is not dependent on others). Each human being that sins sins against himself (Ezekiel 18/1-3).
Because he or she is just a small mass of the big societal masses a sinner cannot evoke Mercy (Rev of Arès 16/15) anymore. He or she is no more on Life's way; he or she has entered the anteroom of the final tragedy, of nonexistence, the warning sign of which death is. Man is not descended from the apes ; he is descending to the apes. Oh he can freely become en ape, if he wishes, but why wouldn't he be God (12/13) instead? It is with this aim in view that God, who is infinitely good, proposes a practical simple way: penitence, that is, to live in achieving the Sermon on the Mount.

An appreciable number of people humbly have with no prejudices or underlying cultural sway read The Revelation of Arès, but have felt oppressive deep anxiety because they failed to understand it. This is a reason among other reasons why so many people read three or ten pages of The Revelation of Arès and stop reading it. There is a sole way of understanding It and it requires the reader to think the way God thinks; but how many human beings still naturally think like God thinks? Few people. We call them ripe wheatears, that our harvesters have never stopped searching for among the wild grasses and undergrowth  (Rev of Arès 5/4).
In the early stages of my prophetic job, I used to think it would only take two or three readings of The Revelation of Arès to understand It  Gradually I would realize that only few men and women could make the journey to the Elsewhere, to the Differently-Told, the Light that myriad ordinary mortals have long ceased to perceive, the meaning of which is very plain, but which human beings cannot make out now, because they have been wrecked by the Adamic culture long.
Reading the Word of Arès is travelling the length and breadth of a Marvel (Rev of Arès 33/8), which the sinner cannot discern.  Magrelli, an Italian poet who might be a bit of a prophet too, sang, "To speak I would rather come from silence, carefully prepare the word so that it may reach its shore gliding along in a whisper like a small boat the wake of which shows off its curve. Script is serene death, the world when lit up expands and forever burns one of its corners (Ora Serrata Retinæ)" It is very subtle and if you lack that sort of subtlety... and the greatest humbleness, you cannot merge into the Word, when it is pure, free from additions by man (16/12, 35/12). I have annotated the Word, because the prophet has the charisma to explain It, but I have neither added or altered anything in It or denounced those who have interpreted It differently from I or the small remnant who have taken up my own exegesis.
The Father's language even made of French words is not ours. It will not be really clear until our souls will be running between the hourless worlds, the countless galaxies (Rev of Arès vi/1-4).

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