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July 11, 2018 (198US)
Liberators, you'll win out of love  

On the face of it, the spiritual man, the jewel of the Creation, has nearly vanished.
But at the Core he has not disappeared. He is everywhere, dormant, not very visible, alive though he may seem.
At the foot of undergrowth and thorn bush the ground is not completely barren.
The human being's spiritual gist has stayed one
(Rev of Arès xxiv/1), one as well within me as within human masses, though I am aware and they are unaware of it.
One cannot be devided. One is one, even whenever subconscious.
When one stops existing, it will vanish all of a sudden, when the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2) forever removes the Father's Children (13/5) from the Universe that He once created. But for the time being whoever keeps some good is one, one completely, because even a little good retains an absolute link with Good; a bit of spiritual life is closely linked to Life (24/5).
This is why a small remnant (24/1, 26/1) of penitents can save the whole human race, because they hold it and it holds them.
Man used to sleep on the shadows (Rev of Arès vii/2) before he was created spiritual. Ever since
Adam's days (2/1-5, vii/8-11) sin has sent him back to the shadows, but shadows does not mean pitch dark. The Father endeavors to save and redevelop what is left of the spiritual by means of The Revelation of Arès, which urges those of His Children (13/5), whose genetic fates have kept aware of their supernatural roots, to make the world free.
That's what the issue is like.

humain-dieu (type femelle)

A human god (a female type).
The Father, about Whom people have lied so much so that they
know nothing about Him anymore, is now seen as the
evanescent goods in religious stores: churches, synagogues,
mosques. Elsewhere God, Live, Love, Breath, has vanished.
We have to work hard on our penitence, in order to make
the Father marked again through love, the real one, freedom,
the real one, humbleness which gives clear-headedness.

The darling of the big Beast (Rev of Arès 22/14), the human beast, (xxxiii/6) still needs a god. so that he makes a god from himself. That beast god has never flaunted himself as much as he does nowadays. Just look at the news; he is their only topic.
The human beast considers God as both a laughably irrational concept, because He respects the freedom to mock at or hate Him, and impossible, because He unseen and unproven is supposed to take up the limitless sky as well as the minute space of an atom.vue
As for the human beast, he knows how to win respect, show himself, make haters, mockers and the disdainful keep quiet, lord it conspicuously as the leader or owner where he rules.
That's the way God—the Real one, Love, Life—is hardly left, so that what little God is now called to mind most of the time is  antagonistic to the human beast, who still puts up with Him in the forms made up by religion.

To cap it all the penitents love the feeble, the idiots, the poor, the rejected, in short all that the world has as useless unproductive people. The penitents cannot set the world free from evil with iron teeth (Psalms) but by means of humbleness (Rev of Arès 27/8) and love (7/5, 25/7) like the humble too-much-loving Father (12/7), trifles that only morons can rely on.
Religion, which even when it is sincere is a clever deviser, in its early days understood that those trifles were just apt to wrong it, so it invented God's "judgment seat", hell where the haughty, the shady rich, the wicked are sipposed to be sentenced to burn away in everlasting great pain. The Rzvzlation of Arès re-uses the word Judgment Seat once invented by religion, but in a comical sense so as to empty it, because that book faces the future: it does not found a religion; it reforges the Truth : the world has to change (Rev of Arès 28/7). Man does not end up in paradise or in hell. He ends up as a specter, that is to say nothing, or as a soul, that is as a promise of man back to Eden some Day (24/5), when penitence succeeds and sin disappears. But to make people long misled and overmisled  see sense in it will be a long-term job. For the time being we are smothered, hammered, vilified.
The selfsatisfied human beast, who is the world's current master, is going to change if we stubbornly carry on with our liberating mission, for the Arès Call launched from Arès forms a Design to free man from evil.

It's us devoid of weapons or tools whether religious or political, as weak as augers to bore through a mountain, that the Father gives a job relevant to the giants of old (Rev of Arès 31/6). We are lacking in the means which the current winners in the world call means, and yet growing to guide our man brothers.  We penitents have to spring out in the world like the swords of love at God's arm length from sheaths (35/14). Love... the word makes our foes laugh. "Love was the weapon of Gandhi and Luther King, but they died of it," the realists say and they burst out laughing.  We reply, "But the Nazis were anti-love realists if ever there were some and they died too. Princes and dominators are'nt in the lead."
To have the world disillusioned will be a long term (Rev of Arès 24/2) though possible job. The princes are not unconcerned about this, since they block the way to all the great media before us, except the street, if that!
Any earthly great enterprise is ruled by masters (Rev of Arès 18/1), who are whether ambitious and pugnatious or full of a specially choice knowledge to be that which the ruling elite needs. Religion, politics, industry, army, law and so on, all of them being the Maker's contenders, are managed by elites whether ambitious or well learned in their respective fields, they have powers which they have won after long febrile endeavors of lust or training to become the leaders, that the Father talks us out of being (Rev of Arès 16/1). This is the continuous competition between the seemingly dominant and triumphant terrestrial lives completely finalized by Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1-5) and Life (24/5) which is quite the reverse, as It is levelling, unifying, equalizing, smoothing.

God won't budge an inch; He wills (Rev of Arès 12/4) to build us in into Him again, have us changing from latent Image and Likeness to Living Images and Likenesses. Hence God and Life (24/5)are One in The Revelation of Arès and all that it puts forward to man so that he may change the world (28/7) by changing his own life (30/11) is emancipation and liberation; it is never duress like in religion.

For the time being the humble perceptive are unheard. As they are impolitic they are not qualified to be candidates for   members of parliament. Democratic constitutions allow them to express opinions, but politicians try hard to make their ideas  confuse. So, we have carried very little influence with society so far.
For millennia the world has managed without human beings who might have been their salvation. Whoever could disagree on the fact that tramp Socrates would have been a good reformer of the Athenian republic, little monk Francis of Assisi would have been the best elder brother of Christianity, typographer Pierre-Joseph Proudhon would have been a very good coordinator of society?

The Revelation of Arès was widely read in the 70s and 80s; today it is little read. A spiritual book owes popularity to the word of mouth, the incentive for "drinking in" which each other provide — "First of all be thirsty," said Catherine of Siens — , but the desastrous "social mission" halted the sacred thirst in the 90s. Reviving it is very hard despite the great effort of Adira (Association pour la Diffusion Internationale de La Révélation d'Arès) to distribute it. The French readership has never been much interested in deep Truth, which bores them stiff or irritates them. The traditional Scriptures: the Bible, the Quran and so on, which books by men (Rev of Arès 16/12, 35/12) have infiltred and distorted in depth, do not take their readership into the Breath of Arès. Believers do not have an easy understanding of the Scripture but that given by the organizing authorities well wrapped up in their religious coat (Rev of Arès 1/1), that is, the humdrum routine. The doctors of the religious, political, scientific, financial powers have forever treated all those who undo the old coat to show the pathetic cachexy it conceals as ignoramuses or poets, or as failures or crooks. Now, only the very basic Word of the Father is worth listening to, "Life (24/5) comes from love, which alone will conquer Evil and restore natural Good and Edenic happiness. Only this shall give courage again to the ripe (wheat) eyes, that is, all the men and women that understand that love can and has to replace the rats law (xix/24) as the foundations of earthly life and further humanity to the Light and eternal Life.
The people whom our missionaries meet — even  ripe (wheat) eyes when they fail to think it over on the meeting time — think that to start society over again on a love basis instead of law and penalty bases is a dream, an impracticable romantic plan. They get rid of the problem before working on it, they pass on. Therefore, we have to continue missionizing with a will. Most of people have stopped believing in the triumph of Good. They mutter, "If Good might be enthroned ever, what sort of Good might it be?" We answer, "Love, forgiveness, peace, intelligence warmhearted and set free from prejudices, nothing else, and there is no need to believe in God, because God exists anyhow and believing in Him does not make Him exist. Just be good with a will — which is His own Will (Rev of Arès 12/4) — and God re-enters you naturally. But to love one's neighbor is not as easy as to talk about it; we need you to love the world along with us and to appeal for love. This is called evangelization, which has been abandoned for almost 2,000 years."

You see the situation we are in.

copyright 2018

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