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January 29, 2018 (193US)
Life versus life

The world has forever been hiding from the truth and ignoring the people that state it. Refusal to accept the exceptional has forever been an institution among sinners.
When people ask me, "What do you do in life?" and I reply, "I am a prophet", they gaze at me the way they used to gaze Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, like I were a toad with big myopic eyes topped with a spiked helmet. If I reply, "I recover Life and help people to recover Life (Rev of Arès 24/5)", they are unsympathetic and worried and go away with caution, So, as I care much about not scaring people, I answer, "I am a pastor," which is not really untrue, though terribly simplistic.

Whoever changes his or her life (Rev of Arès 30/11) to change the world (28/7) has set out to recover Life (24/5). This is a problem word just as penitence is with respect to the Church's penitence or (real) piety with respect to religious piety.
The masses have given those words misleading meanings divergent from the meanings given them by God or Life, the undying Life that has been eternally spreading throughout the Universe (Rev of Arès 12/4), and that sin or evil, an illness, has reduced to dying life (2/5, vii/7-10) on Earth.
So there is life and Life.
There is the short life of elephants (Rev of Arès 36/10), spiders (xiii/12, xL/14), sinners (12/3) who start aging as soon as they are born. It is mass life, the swarmy (iii/2).
My biological life is just a sigh, a faint reflection of the everlasting Life I have been striving to recover (24/5).


This is the swarmy! Billions of evanescent pre-deceased people all of them turned
in the same direction towards the power, law, culture, the urn which reeks.
In the masses the Living one goes unnoticed.
A Living one is to be an abnormal one long before a change occurs.

As The Revelation of Arès says throughout its context, Life is the only natural rational explanation for the Universe.
Earth dimensionally is just a speck of dust in the Universe and man is dust on that speck of dust, but Life, which has neither dimensions not degrees, and which is or is not, and which can be as well spread (Rev of Arès ii:4) throughout the infinite as shrunk into a stick of light for the Theophanic days in Arès (1977), settled on it in days of old.
Man, who has been created free (Rev of Arès 10/10) to choose, for some reason or other — which is not the point in here — killed Life within himself ; he has since then kept only a reflection of It in the poor mirror of nature. But The Revelation of Arès says to man that he can recover Life (24/5).

When I was an atheist, my life looked perfectly appropriate to the mass life like a fly is appropriate to the air. When I turned to Christianity and clergy for the sixties, I felt  turned away from the mass life, although the masses accepted me. But after I had been the witness to a Supernatural Event the masses considered as incredible, if not unacceptable — forty visits from Jesus as the Father's Messenger in 1974, and then five visits from the Father Himself in 1977, pooh! — I was seen sometimes as a deranged guy, sometimes as a  crook.
And then, when people heard that I might be God's friend (Rev of Arès xxxix/16) and like God the denier of religion, of politics, of man's law, and the preacher of free (10/10) everyday life as embryonic absolute Life through achieved (35/6) Good, love of all men, forgiveness for all offences, peace made with all men, heartfelt intel­ligence free from every prejudice, I was considered as an antisocial madman and crucified to the modern cross of lunacy; non-existence and even dangerousness.

I have now come close to zero in society. No one may be as uncategorizable and unpleasant as me.
But I am a Living one ; I've got a look of Life about me.

The masses think that I am totally unlikely to give the human beings happiness and salvation. The masses think that I am a negative, conflicting, dangerous guy. The masses maintain that they are only safe under their leaders and law's authority and that what I claim is the Father's Word is nothing but pure fabrication or dream. Whenever I put forward arguments against the 1914 or 1939 wars or the current war in Syria, "Weren't those wars brought about by leaders and their law?", they are outraged. They retort, "Society can't live without national flags, can't live without a cross, or a crescent, or a government, or an army, or police; everybody is aware that war an unavoidable hitch along the sacred way to social happiness." I reply, "Everybody means the masses. Everybody is a term that the Creator's Word has never uttered. God's Word says, "Be One! (Rev of Arès xxiv/1) It does not say, "Be like everybody!"

The Revelation of Arès's distrust, therefore my own distrust of the masses is nothing new. The Father tells us that we have to recover Life (Rev of Arès 24/5), because what we call life on earth today is not Life.  Prophets have reminded men of this for four or five millennia. The prophets' anchorage has kept on the Bottom (xLiv/1), but all the powers of the world whether religious, political or financial have broken the chains which used to tie them to the vessels (17/3-5), which have since then drifted off toward a world different from that which had been created by the Father. Those powers are our foes. Just look at them who lock up the doors to all the places where we could find help and means to change the world (28/7).

Life is free (Rév of Arès 10/10) from all religions or churches. I am a believer, but a free one. I am free, just for that I have a definite sensible idea of whar I have to do, I feel answerable for the Good forever conceived y the Maket, whose Child I am. My identity is not based on scribbles in registers, but on conscience, which is the matrix of the soul. I have no institutional relation to religious, philosophical, political groups, whatever, even though I take a great familylike interest in all that may occur among and about my human brothers.
I have a free spiritual ideal, my corridor toward Life. I belong in an Assembly which has formed spontaneously. Some people depict me as an agnostic, others paint me even as an unbeliever, because I do not abide by any religious rule whatsoever and I claim that I find the Light and Salvation and I contribute towards the world's change (Rev of Arès 28/7) only by my penitence, which is a joy for pious men (28/25) and by plodding along on my path towards the Heights (25/4-5).
I have been forever achieving The Revelation of Arès (Rev of Arès 31/6), which forces no one to do anything, and which only suggests to human beings that they escape the sin of sins (38/2) and the sad fate of ending up specters (16/17) by the practice of penitence, the Sermon on the Mount, which is the core of the Gospel.

"What about God in all that?" they ask me. God is not the Person whether one of a kind, or bicephalous, or three-headed, of religions. He is permanently creative Sanctity, Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4), my core has been copied from His Core (Genesis 1/26), He is within me as well as He is the Universe, that is, the Whole, even the vacuum between stars. He does more than just exist, therefore, He is That which is. But the knowledge of what He is is not not more fundamental than the knowledge of what I am as a man, for if I were not in existence, I would not exist, and the question were not asked; I am the way I am and asking me why I am does not change a thing in whom and what I am.
My existence is but an atom, but a necessary atom of Life, that is absolute everywhere. So I can perfectly conceive of any human being likely to be destined for eternal life, even though he had not believed in it.

This may be difficult to understand. If you have not understood it, please reread it slowly. Thank you.

This jellyfish is extremely rare and usually lives in the depths of the ocean (600 to 1,500 fathom deep).
This specimen close to the surface contrary to its usual behavior has been shot off the California shore.
True, it does not live spiritually, it can only live in a biological way, but its great beauty
as well as its solitude in the huge ocean incline you to think of the uniqueness of Life,
Life as absolute necessity, Life that has no beginning or end,
perpetual Life, that is the Father of Life himself.
Just indentions sinners go to make up on the abiding scroll of Life,
where the Whole is written for Eternity, but the Whole keeps meaningful even with indentions.
Basil the Great did not draw up Eternity as beginningless endless time, but drew it up as intense time.
It is because that intensity grew meaningless among men down with Evil, as there can't be intensity without Good,
that men get old, die and carry away with themselves all that breathes on earth into the life-death cycle.
But man will recover eternal Life when he triumphs over Evil through Good,
simply What we have blown to smithereens called God, the Father,
the Maker, Adonai, the Eternal, Allah, Brama, Mazdâ, Great Spirit, Kije Manito, and so on.

copyright 2018

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