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November 25,  2017  #191US

When fighters on the brink of defeat lapse into doubt and despair, they hope for a hero capable of saving  the situation.
There is also a reference to heroes in The Revelation of Arès (xxxv/4-12)
with this difference, that it is not a matter of winning a war, which sheds death, but a matter of fighting sin and shedding Life, and that not one hero, but heroes who are to be as plentiful as love is to be great, whom the Father sends out to save mankind.


If I have nothing, I can only hope to have.
The hero helps me to have Life, the essentials ; he or she fulfills all I hope for.
But if have already had much but Life, my drawers stay wide-opened,
I despair of getting more, ever getting more.
Then the hero is not the one who gives me more,
but the one who takes away the unessentials from me.
The Father's hero can save man from unquenshable thirst
by having him realize
that only penitence creates Good,
quenches spiritual thirst, beats Evil
and permits the Day over another world to dawn.

History is the depiction of a boundless battlefield where a hero has now and then appeared, who anyhow has neither defeated sin nor won définitive victories.
But some of them have done much more. They have spared humans the loss of their spiritual identity and the fall into the unimag­inable sufferings of the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2). Among others  Zoroaster (xviii/3), Noah, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, the real ones, not the characters reflected by the distorting mirror of a Scripture run under the reed pen. The figures of those heroes are shown to the penitents by The Revelation of Arès through the figure of the Arès prophet, who emulates them and whom the penitents are called on to follow (xxx/4-12).
As man has ended up as little as God's shadow, the unimaginable sufferings of the sin of sins could start at any time, unless humans stop decaying spiritually and breaking all ties with the Whole of Life. This is the real issue of The Revelation of Arès and the heroism of the penitents and harvesters, whom it calls on.

Let's notice that ever since Adam's days (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/1-16), the peak of unhap­piness due to sin has not been reached as long as most of men's life has been crude and insecure, because destitution, though it is unjust and regrettable, is not the reason for despair, contrary to what people usually think; the cause of despair is abundance which  brings about dissatisfaction,
Nonetheless, even though it's in days of abundance that the sin of sins' disaster will occur (Rev of Arès 38/2), it will not distress man because he will be materially fulfilled, as God once had enabled him to enjoy matter; it will occur because the man filled with everything will have forgotten about his spiritual nature and made matter his sole god.
The Father will have lost all of his Children then (Rev of Arès 13/5). He will leave mankind spiritually dead to their sufferings. He will stop sending out heroes. I do not know if we are the last, but this is not unlikely.
That's where we see that The Revelation of Arès in itself is heroical, as it is, because Love has inspired it.

Whenever I go missionizing on the streets, the Word on my lips, leaflets in my hand, through the apathetic crowd, in the autumnal grayness, or wintry cold, or summery heat, I feel paltry like an apostle, but not glorious like Samson or Siegfried. I do not feel as if I were a hero. And yet I am a hero, because Evil is strong, only a hero can conquer it (Rév d'Arès xxxv/4-12).
"The Golden Legend" tells the story of famous George the Trophy-bearer (bearer of Victory, 10/7, 29/4 33/2) that, through his strength drawn from faith and virtue, kills evil metaphorized as a dragon, which is about to devour mankind allegorized as a king's daughter, and gives the spiritually unenlightened people the Light and right faith. The Revelation of Arès in quite different words, but following the same Core plan — We have to kill Evil before it eats us up — tells us in advance our feasible victory over evil by being penitent and harvesting penitents. All of the brothers and sisters that along with me take on the hero tunic, will change, that is, save, the world (28/7).

To make a success of one's life nowadays is to make a career to one's great satisfaction, get a good retirement pension and   health insurance. We do not deny that such a worldly success is legitimate, but to live up to that sole expectation looks shameful to us, if it lacks spirituality, a soul, ideals to conquer Evil and change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7), which I couldn't do, if I failed to change my own life (31/11), be a penitent and harvest penitents. This is my epic! You can tell a hero by his or her epic.
Our epic is plain. God's hero is not a superman, as he or she can be tired, disappointed, thwarted, persecuted, but it's precisely because he or she puts up with all these torments that he or she is a hero. Can one imagine that the poor being, who holds leaflets, and who speaks with a charmless voice almost unheard by the passersby, could ever set fire to the world? But yes, that's a hero, the unexpected one, not the fantastic one supposed to be endowed with a mysterious strength. The supernatural is not weird. What stuck me as odd when I saw and heard Jesus in 1974 was the fact he lived in the firmament and yet was a man like me. I understood then that Good was much closer to us than we used to think. Roger Bacon in the 13th century was committed to prison because he had stated that "no sermon ever gives certainty, because only experiment gives it" and he had set about observing the ordinary. He was right. Ordinary Jesus came down from the universe and paid me a call in 1974 and, even though the 1977 theophanies were impressive, they were not really the star war.  And what have Jesus and the Father told me? They told me that we me and my fellows as unlikely heroes will conquer Evil through the ordinary — just made up of penitence and ordinary good, but the complete ordinary.
We are heroes.

copyright 2017

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