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23 October, 2017 (0190US)
As free as the nimble colt (Arès Rév. 10/10) or birds or the sun man was created.
That's how he will recreate himself.

In this world we are not free. All we have is permissions.
In The Revelation of Arès the meaning of free is absolute ; what's more, you can't separate free (10/10) from gentle and peaceful (35/14); it doe not mean rebellious or revolutionary. The Aresian freedom is an hypostasis, a spiritual entity or strength, an image of the Creator (Genesis 1/26) reified within any penitent.
Twenty-eight years ago, I was only 60 years old; I was young. I designed the word opposingness (see
"Et ce que tu auras écrit", Le Pèlerin d'Arès 1989, bilingual) so that we could tell the longing for evading sin from opposition as a synonym for rebellion or revolution. However, the meaning of opposingness very close to opposition was ambiguous.
As I have aged, I would rather say, "Free" now, the word that the Messenger's lips uttered (Arès Rev 10/10, 32/2). Opposition as a synonym for rebellion or revolution is nothing but endless retaliation (Arès Rev 27/9), violence, it does nothing but substitute a dominator for another, a law for another, which is yet rats' law, as the Father says (xix/24) so as to remind us of the amazing prolificacy of rats and conjure up something that never stops occuring in History. History! we have to put an end to it, because it is just slaves and maters' History.
An opposing man simply is a free man. An absolutely free one.

The free man is like the Gospel , he has no existence yet but that in the depths (Arès Rev25/4) of his being.
Our mission consists in having the free man rise up back to his own surface!

On the surface mankind has been one of slaves so far, even though they are no slaves "in fetters" (Rousseau) any more, chastised or hanged after they have fled, even whenever they get good salaries, good food, good homes, good pensions.
Let's note the reason why nothing has changed in masses ever since Adam sinned (Arès Rev 2/1-5), that is, today's rebellious slave like the rebellious slave of old "is not concerned about his master as a being;  he denies him as a master, and let's note that any rebel or revolutionary today or formerly yearns for another power and another law" (Camus), which is gravely paradoxical.
On the contrary, the free man is concerned about any human, even his master, as a being, thereby standing as an apostle of Good and wanting no power, at all.
The free man sets his steps in the Steps (Arès Rev 2/12) of the Father, Who has given man The Revelation of Arès. The free men dismisses the books of men (16/12, 35/12) which have slipped into the Scripture by the mighty in times when dominating on God's behalf gave them unimpeachability, but have not democracies been established by unimpeachable books of men?
The man that is spiritually, therefore absolutely, free indeed complies with the dominators' law, but deep down he has rejected all books of men, consequently all dominations, even democracies (a trap-word, a double-barrelled word), and he gives himself love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence free from every prejudice as weapons to win the metaphysical war against Evil. Which makes materialists and other rationalists laugh coarsely, but the adversary inevitably laughs coarsely at the start of a war, whatever.
Now, on the Father's Day (Arès Rev 24/5) the free man will be even freed from death.

Only two weeks ago I thought I was a free man. Sadly, I was being just flat on my back as a dog whose belly the cushy ways of life like fingers were tickling. I got up off the ground with a start. A software which had just been downloaded into the very computer I am currently making this blog entry 190 turned out to be unsuitable for use together with something else, I dont know what, in which I am not interested anyhow — I've had more than I can take of computing technology, which is a master among thousands of masters —. The tree structure and a few application programs broke up in my machine. What a blow! Putting right my computer was a long chore, and as I had to fix it by myself, since there is no one to do the dirty work instead of me. I had plenty of time to repeat myself that the computer was not my tool, but my master. This made the volcano of Arès's Word re-erupt within me (Arès Rev L/6). I found it sadly funny telling myself that dominators and despoilers (Arès Rev 27/9), whether religion or politics or media, etc., were now emulated by the formidable masters of computing, given that domination and despoliation result from the madness to make, institute, impose... I laughed and my laugh was bitter, comforting though.
On a September day I was driving towards Britain on board my new car stuffed with electronics, a monstrous jail with bars made of waves, a great many impalpable bars harder to work free than iron bars. I was listening to France Culture. A geezer from Jerusalem University, Yuval Noah Harari, was stating that we would be ruled by algorithms instead of human beings by 2050; algorithms are complex mathematical formulas which man makes, makes, makes... Harari was speaking like a fortunes telling fakir and I was stunned listening to the the emcees' veneration word towards him like towards a god heavenly or political — rationalistic materialism is a new religion —. But the truth about those wild imaginings was the perpetual forecast that man's exploitation of man would be carried on more boldly than ever.
Computer powers now rule over the Internet, that we can't get out anymore. Up to insanity! Lo and behold, now we have to declare income and pay taxes through the Internet, it's the law! It's pitiful! What can people do, who have no computer? A certain number of my brothers and sisters do not have any computer; they read this blog printed on paper sheets. But this is just an instance, not the worst, among ten thousand examples of the domination that overwhelms man, who keeps on complying with it like an animal permanently tamed.

I am going to be told, What ? It only took a crash in your computer and a rash statement by an Israeli academic to draw the conclusion that History will remain the History of slaves and masters, whatever way or form this will take?  No! Social advances in politics will sooner or later result in marvelous equality and fraternity.
I reply, I hope that I have enough charisma to maintain that all over the world crashes and other disasters caused by dominators in every field and wild imaginings produced or supported by them have been and are to be legion (Mark 5/10) ever until the sin of sins occurs, if the course of events is not changed. The Revelation of Arès has reminded me that the happy world will never be brought into existence by religion, politics or science, but it will be so by individual penitence. The world will change (Arès Rev 28/7) for the better only if each fellow of a small remnant (24/1) of penitents changes for the better (30/11). Only vertue can provide absolute freedom and absolute happiness is impossible without absolute freedom. I think of Socrates on the brink of drinking hemlock, who said, "I should scoff at myself, if I had to keep on clinging to the life" ("Phaedo", Plato). Just like him I woudd rather die than have to live and be stopped working for Good.

God as a dominator, king or supreme judge is just a fabrication of religious people and their political partners. They have devised that sort of God so as to pass themselves off as gentle lenient people comparatively.
Quite the opposite the Father is the supreme liberator and we have to proclaim it to the world.
We are presented by The Revelation of Arès with a plain choice: Either we recreate ourselves as images and likenesses (Genesis 1/26) of the most loving Father (Arès Rev 12/7) by living as penitents, or we keep on furthering our masters whether religious, or political, etc.
What is a free man? One who says yes or no whenever he wants to, but who has become a penitent in order to say yes or no in an intelligent way (Arès Rev 32/5). The others keep on being slaves or masters sometimes alternately, and when sometimes slaves sometimes masters happen to disappear their historical extinction is always temporary. But they carry a lot of weight like a moutain tied to our feet so much so that  they drag us down to the bottom. The rope knots can't be severed and as they are complicated knots we have have to form a vast small remnant (24/1, 26/1) to untie them.
Penitents as far as possible avoid living on in the same History as sinners unlike slaves and masters whom History has bound together in a conflict which has uninterruptedly established their inseparable existence. Among sinners we as free apostles never stop moving along. They all are our brothers, even though we do not share their fate, because we are opponents of sin. In the middle of them we look for the people inclined to be like us.
The Creator, the Father, leaves each man free to be what he wants to be a sinner or a penitent.
But only the free penitents will prevail at the end of time.

copyright 2017

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