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September 20, 2017 (0189US)

The world —that's the name God gives mankind— is going to fall into the sin of sins (38/2) if they keep on sinning, and reach the point of no return, the slow Flood into which men will end up drowning in suffering and misfortune.
Religion has never succeeded in  changing the world (Rev of Arès 28/7) into Good (xxxiii/11, xxxviii/3).
It needs penitence and to incite people to it it needs an action the Father calls Harvest
(Rev of Arès 4/12, 5/2, 6/2, 15/7, 31/6, 35/2) and we commonly call mission.
In the same way
God visits man, man visited by God grows penitent and in his turn visits man, and so on.

The sowing has for long been all over,
the wheatears have whitened,  notwithstanding the weeds sown by doctors
[of religion as well as rationalism], the damage caused by their princes, who have planted thorny hedges and zones of infertile loose stones in every corner of My Field
The thickest wheatears will be those easiest to bind together...
A bastion of thorn shelters them from your scythe, an unbelievable pride holds their stalks raised like lances.
Don't let your courage flag in front of them...
You shall burn the thorn but not burn the wheatears, so as to go up to It
[My Field]... hurt your hands rubbing against their stiff beards... moan weighing down with their sheaves.
My Arm will be your arm,
My Word will be your word (Revelation of Arès Vigil 14).

Mission parmi les hommesThe brothers and sisters of the small remnant, that I have gathered together (Rev of Arès 24/1) are penitents (31/11, 35/2, 37/3, etc.) and harvesters (5/2-5, 31/6, 35/1-2, etc.), apostles, because love of the neighbor is the touchstone of salvation, so no one can find salvation if he or she is not trying to save his or her fellow creatures.
Everything once linked up and will link up again. Man without knowing it is linked to his Maker just as man unknowingly is linked to every man on earth and the supreme outcome if that link will be Life regained (Rev of Arès 24/5).
In our generations the efforts of some in penitence and harvest may appear to be fruitless, but their efforts are never futile; they imperceptibly spread Sanctity, Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4). This is why impiety is not surface failure, but despondency (13/8).
We have to go harvesting bursting with everlasting courage.

The Sower has been (Rev of Arès 5/1, 6/2), Any human being, even an atheist, holds the image and likeness of the Father (Genesis 1/26) within himself. Our mission is no prosel­ityzing. I may happen to convert people occasionally, but its aim is not conversion. It looks for people that bring spiritual strength, the seeds of a new world, whether they are conscious or unconscious, actual or potential, the wheatears whether ripe or likely to ripen (Rev of Arès 5/2), possible penitents and harvesters. So the network able to recreate the world may be formed, it doesn't matter if it takes many generations (24/2).

Why however is the Arès Pilgrims'mission that special? Is it different from the age-old monotheistic or pseudo-polytheistic missions throughout the planet? What I describe as pseudo-polytheistic is the beliefs which portray God in a lot of forms, which they call gods, because they have found it impossible to depict the voiceless invisible Supreme Being.
That which is special in the Arès Pilgrims' mission is that which is special in The Revelation of Arès : It flies like the air up to God (Rev of Arès xxxvii/7) and up to Life (24/5) beyond religion, whatever.
Our mission bears the hallmark of universality, of the Whole which extends from the speck of dust to the infinite, beyond the thorny hedges and the zones of infertile loose stones of religions, philosophies, dogmas, sciences, synagogues, churches, mosques, prayers, all kinds of theories, and so on. Our mission is plain. It is the mission towards the undefined unanimous immortality of the Being, the Good, that are just faint embers beneath ashes deep down in any man, whoever.he or she may be, who can rekindle its Fire (Rev of Arès xLi/3-10) through penitence, that is, by loving, forgiving, making peace, building up spiritual intelligence free from all prejudices, in other words by living according to the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5/ch 5 to 7). Our mission does not spread any perfunctory religious doctrine, but creative Truth: Fellow human, you are free either to be spiritually nothing, so you will end up as a specter in frozen abysses, that is, you will be nothing in nothing, or to create your soul by becoming penitent,so you will end up an integral part of the Light, the Power and the Sanctity (12/4), and in doing so you will help change the world — The Truth is that the world has to change (28/7).

Our harvest is the crop of heroes (Rev of Arès xxx/4-12) who think that looking for Life has meaning. Life which can't be reached but through rocky goatpaths (in the plural = diversity 25/5) hard to travel, albeit accessible (7/1). Through those paths we leave religion or ideology, even an atheistic one, against which we have nothing, as we all stem from them, but which are behind us, because the christane faith of Jesus' disciples, the yuhdi faith of Abraham and Moses' descendants, the musselmi faith of the people that claim they follow Muhamad have not been more than human noise (xxxii/8).
Our mission calls on the one who can be One in oneself, be for the Father that which the tooth is for the Lip (xxiv/1-4). Man has to restore what he has in common with the Maker in himself.
We do not follow or teach any dogma or tradition ; we do not spread any catechism or sophisticated prayer, because the real knowledge has lain inside every human being where the Father of the Universe's image and likeness has lain. It is penitence that gets the innate or inborn knowledge across to the expressible knowledge well thought out, because patient love permits man to find and do everything well.

copyright 2017

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