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May 23, 2017 (0185us)
winning out over the solipse within me

In the 17th century unfrocked Jesuit Julius Clement Scotti decried his former Jesuit fellows calling them solipses — from Latin soli ipsi: only acting for themselves — . Julius Clement Scotti was in a rage and forgot that he himself was a solipse. The word solipse is extinct; only derivatives of it are in use: solipsism,  slopsist and solipsistic in the erudite vocabulary, but they are not clear enough to mean what I mean. So I revive solipse, because we live in a world of solipse humans.
Just as the very greatest philosopher cannot ignore his toothaches, said Shakespeare, and just as Buddha could not help but suffer from the pain in his stomach, that he would die of in Pava at smith Cunda's, I as a sinner cannot be unaware that I am a solipse one, and that my life will not be long enough to make me able to correct that fault (Rev of Arès 2/12). But we I and my small remnant are seeing to it that whole mankind will end up getting done with it.
Then My Day will arise (Rév of Arès 31/8).

The Father has lived on in man, the reason of it we do not know. He breathed Life into a thinking animal (that which used to sleep in obscurity (Rev of Arès vii/1-6) and so completed the flesh and mind with the soul (17/7), which Genesis 1/26 calls His Image and Likeness, so that man could comprehensively and intensely Live with All that Lives (Rev of Arès 24/5).
We do not know when free Adam chose (Rev of Arès 2/1-5) to revive the thinking animality within himself. He became a half-spiritual half-animal hybrid creature. Ever since then the proportion of spiritual life has been fluctuating within him and is very low now with few occasional exceptions.

L'homm vers la transcendance
Man has kept himself unaware of all he is capable of, so far.
From the tango this man dances with a passion to transfiguration
it's just a small step, however, the step to penitence.

So the generous loving humanity that God had created has become just potential; animality has been back and made man solipse. Humanity by and large is no more conscious of the Whole where it belongs, has entrenched in a world where there virtually no such thing as love of the neighbor, where some enjoy, others suffer and a few strive to regain Life (Rev of Arès 24/5), cannot manage in one short-lived human existence — It will take generations (24/2).
Today man lives in droves. Droves are never bound by love; each beast is itself in them; it unites with others to survive and breed, but not to love them; the ruling male is itself and it classifies the fellow beats according to theirs disparities and every one of them is itself, a solipse.
Man has forgotten about his spiritual nature firstly, about himself as the brother of all men on earth and an element of the Whole. The collective liberation for which the Palestinian Gospel appealed has not happened.; love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence have been strictly personal and few and far between. Man has not understood that being free does not mean being alone, and that it is free to love, free to recreate himself, blend in with the cast-iron Good that love of others molds.

Arduous is reminding the world of this, because the apostle has to strive to be the least solipse possible himself  — You are no longer anything for yourself (Rev of Arès 40/6).

Men regard themselves as sovereign, but they do not live as free beings (Rev of Arès 10/10); all of them think, live, obey only in the way they have been told to think, live and obey. I was born in France, I cannot help but think in French, have French habits, act as a Frenchman even though I do so as little as possible. All of us result from a forming, a few aftereffects of which stay in the most emancipated people, every one of them being inevitably kept below himself, below the great Purpose that he had been created to. Ever since time immemorial all of humans have stopped extending the Creator up to the living matter.
Hence an ongoing moral crisis, which scatters and dismembers men, of which no one is conscious. The crisis for instance has been well felt in the course of the last French presidential election campaign, when the thing to do would be to have 47 million people running for office for 47 million voters . The Revelation of Arès explains the age-old ongoing crisis: Incorrect is man's concept of his reason for living, freedom and love. Hubris, which is stubborn pride, makes man overmuch immoderate, selfish, fallible in meanness as well as elevation, it hampers the mind's rise. Which is the cause of the large unfrequency of penitence and souls.
Man cannot be fulfilled.
A solipse, who belongs in a countless earthly kind, cannot see light but only in his thought. Some elite for millennia have been clever at benefiting from this mental mecanism made inevitable by hubris, as powerful as gravity; they introduce their ideas into the solipse's brain in such a way that he thinks they are his own ideas. The solipse is inevitably subjectivized, therefore, because he usually lacks the global learning that could enable him to bring out powerful reason. As I am a solipse, I am subjectived, but I have the previlege of being so by God. Unfortunately, just have a look at the great ideologies!  Those of great religions: To think that Christianity burnt at the stake Joan of Arc, Michael Servet and a lot of others in front of crowds that did not make the least protest. To think that sixty-eight million Germans meekly believed in Adolf Hitler's  Reich provided for one thousand years, which lasted only twelve years and ended up in a disaster after putting Europe to fire and the sword. Lenin and Stalin's USSR lasted long, but was still on after 72 years by dint of 65 to 93 millions of victims ("The Black Book of Communism", ed. 1997). Had I thought that the tragic History would be behind me now, I'd have been wrong; History has just been disguised as charms.

I am a solipse, as each man on earth I am just the Jesuit of my own convictions, even though these are as close as possible to the ones that The Revelation of Arès instilled into me; even though I keep on striving, I will not reach its amazing Spirit of absolute transcendence before I die, because The Revelation of Arès addresses whole mankind — just reread 25/6 —. My poor brain has for millennia of involution shrunk to limits I cannot pass, but my descendants (24/2) will give it a renewed  Genesitic size again. I have never realized so far that the Father is absolute Freedom. How can one be equal to His complete Image and Likeness in the present generation?
I have moved a long way in the right direction for forty-three years, indeed. Every day I fight with myself for the strength of forgiving, making peace, good-hearted intelligence, but the strength of total love and total freedom cannot be found by any man in the present generation, because all of men flounder around and stick to the world's mud; four generations will not be enough to evade it totally. Whenever I pray by night among the souls that pray with me, I tell them, "I've grasped that death will ensures evolution, which my flesh can't do, because it has been made weak and stingy for centuries of sin. I yearn to join you, leave my corrupt solipse mind and flesh and live in my soul again like you brothers, sisters, relatives, friends. My better self sags under the human condition. I should be a fool for God, but I am jailed in the rules of seriousness. My material obligations, to mention only those, keep me from opting for total relinquishment, that of the absolute down-and-out. Oh! Father, you are the Absolute Down-and-out. You leaning against the wall of the Universe are holding Your Hand out to me and I drop only a small coin in It while in fact I want to throw myself in It completely.
Where are you man of God? You are neither in brother rabbi, nor in brother Jesuit or priest, nor in brother imam, nor in brother "saint", nor in brother prophet, who is just an echo from the Father, but who is nothing himself (Rev of Arès 40/6). You are in no one in this solipses' worlds. Man a killed man. How have we grown able to suffocate the lungs of the Universe? Man is dead just as God is, in a way, since we cannot even see Him anymore. That is the situation. But The Revelation of Arès has come down and said that man can get out of that death. The exit is at the very end of a very long corridor, the corridor of penitence. We I and the Arès Pilgrims have started edging forward. Others will go all over it, the solipses will disappear, the Day will break.

copyright 2017

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