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February 22, 2017 (0182us)
Abraham's bosom

In 1974 the Father's Messenger suggested that I followed a certain destiny. I accepted it dispassionately then.
Forty-three yeats later I keep on achieving (Rev of Arès 35/6) it fierily
(xLi/3-10). I am aging, but the Father is blowing on my Fire harder.
My twilight has begun, but every day I am more ablaze with the faith and hope I have gained.
Will my twilight be short or long? It is no great matter! Some day my heart will stop beating and my soul will take over it and stretch out
towards the infinite the Golden thread of the Word that God has given me, which my brothers and sisters will make fast on Earth more and more securely, while I a prophet will be stretching it out up to the far reaches of the galaxies, in the midst of which the Father once made me run (Rev of Arès vi/1-4).

Sein d'Abraham
Abraham's bosom (Unterlinden Museum, Colmar)

I will go to Abraham's bosom. His universal paternity lies in the space between his arms. His bosom holds the limitless Universe where the souls are forever flying. Whenever Doctor House, who is an absolute heathen in a TV series, says that "there is nothing in the beyond", he is unaware that he is perfectly right. The beyond is so much  unthinkable that nothing can depict it in any language.
The nothing is the Whole.
There is no such thing as death. Why would I be afraid to die?
I am just a link of the endless chain of Life (Rev of Arès 24/5). Before I was born there had been my long ancestry; after I am dead, there will be my long issue. I have no need to be reincarnated, because there is no end to Life all. What is to stop is just my short life, my blood life, which is not bound to last long and which is but a tiny stitch of the infinite Outspread one: Yahweh, God, Father, Allah, Brahma, Mazda, the Great Spirit, the One who has been given lots of names, because He has no Name. He is the Life.
"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed,"  said Lavoisier, who was unaware that he so quoted the Creator Himself.
Religion has got wrong ideas of God and death, so millions of human beings have ended losing faith in God as well as  afterlife. They are right. After I had witnessed the Theophanies in 1977 on the one hand, and after I had during the Theophanies been flying throughout the Universe (Rev of Arès vi/1-4) experiencing my death before time on the other hand, I have forever stated that I do not know much about God and death anymore. God is not the absolute sovereign king and judge, as they say,  and afterlife is not a transposition of earthly happiness (paradise) or sufferings (hell). God is Life and Good, so believing in God is regaining Life (Rev of Arès 24/5) and Good (12/3, xxxiii/11, xxxviii/3), of which each man is a particle likely to stay alive or freeze (Rev of Arès 2/11, 4/7, 13/4, 16/5, 17/7, 24/1, 28/3, 30/9, 31/12, 33/33), because frozen is whatever or whoever cannot Live. This starts something indescribable, that no human language can tell about. The depiction of the death process in The Revelation of Arès (xL/12-17) is just about the days after the heart has stopped beating. The Word is silent on what happens later. Vladimir Jankelevitch said, "Death is the problem above all else and even, in a way, it is the only problem," and he added, "I'll bring my secret along, if there is a secret ever, to the grave with me." I reply to him that there is nothing secret, there is no problem then; there is just the unknown and the inexpressible. Death is just something else, when the nothing becomes the Whole.

Jacques et André élevant une âme
Both apostles James with a pilgrim's staff
and Andrew with his typical cross lift a soul up to Heaven
(St-Andrew Cathedral, Bordeaux, France)

So I will pass some day from the nothing to the Whole. Death is irrevocable as far as most humans are concerned with a few extremely rare exceptions: Elijah that escapes the grave (Rev of Arès 2/10), Jesus risen (Matthew 28/1/10), who paid me visits in 1974.
Buddha, who would not elude death, said, "I have not told you about existence or non-existence, or what is neither the former nor the latter. Why haven't I told you about that? Because that is not related to virtue, nor to any element of the law (that is to be 28/8), and that does not tend towards conversion to the will, the end of desire, the rest, acquisition of upper abilities, extreme wisdom, Nirvana." In other words, that is beyond all explanatoty descriptive capabilities of an earthly language, whatever. The Nirvana is the purpose of the Buddhist practice, the Awakening (bodhi), but as for me I say, It is the purpose of penitence, it is Good in the form of transcendency, Good beyond man's cerebral conception, Good in its universal conception, that which is tangled up in the Father of the Univers(al) (Rev of Arès 12/4).
Abraham as the first patriach and founder of faith in a sole God; he is the believers' father. Abraham's bosom is a very fine picture for a society that sees itself being a network of kinships and considers that picture as the ideal of Salvation (Rev of Arès 28/25), the final fulfilment of spiritual relationship, Abraham himself is the best example of this primacy. The spiritual kinship also is the meeting of the believers of three religions that claim to have their roots in Abraham's bosom : Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Look at the illustration at the top : It shows Abraham's global fatherhood with radical effectiveness; he stretches out his arms, so making his own bosom a warmly open place, and he wears a good-hearted smile. There is an equivalence between Salvation and the reuniting to the Whole, of which the Father is the universal center. A similar idea is represented in the picture of the apostles James and Andrew.
To me conscienceness is the essential matter about the afterlife. Some people happen to ask me, "You know what death is, because God made you experience it (Rev of Arès vi/1-5)." I reply, "Just the same there is a great difference between the afterlife I experienced in 1977, of which I was conscient in my living brain, and the afterlife when I breathe my last, of which I have no idea I will be conscient once my brain is dead." When there's is just the soul left, I think that one cannot at all identify the fundamental nucleus of one's being with one's situation in the same manner. One is necessarily facing a quite different reality. The self is likely to disappear and be replaced by a state of universality. One bursts onto an altogether different world and the way one feels the new life is utterly imperceptible to blood eyes.
What will I be busy with in the Universe ? As I am a particle of the Creative Might, I will contribute to the endless Creation.

copyright 2017

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