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November 16, 2016 (0179US)
penitent's change and peace 

Just as I was told : "Justice and conscience (#178) are not consistent with each other" and I had to reply, "Yes, they are, they result from each other," I am going to be told : "Change is nothing like peace."
I will reply : "Change and peace are going together."

Jesus, a dove, a lamb, an image of the end of times.
For the time being we struggle deep down
(an image Blingee)

Descartes said : "I think, therefore I am." I add : "I think, indeed, but I am a bundle of nerves driven by strong atavisms. So I cannot change my life (Rev of Arès 30/11), unless I continuously struggle against my nature. My brothers et sisters do likewise in order to grow as men of the coming time (30/13). Changing requires suffering (37/9) and courage (6/1). Therefore, peace is not in my hand (xix/6)."
The world turned into a jungle after Adam had chosen an evil way of life (Rév d'Arès 2/1-5), so I am but a wildcat striving to tame itself. "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword," said Jesus (Matthew 10/34, Luke 12/51) to call to mind the penitent's inner struggle. My facade of peace, although it is a big victory over my nature, as it is, is the result of a continuous struggle inside me. My peace is seldom serenity, it is seldom something I can call peace.
Only the Father is a Saint (Rev of Arès 12/4). No human being is. To be a penitent, that is, to love all men, forgive all offenses, make one's peace with everybody, have spirituel intelligence, make oneself  free from all prejudices, is not a natural thing for a man to do, because he is frail, emotional, suspicious, but he has the ability to live contradicting his own nature, so that peace may some day become the Peace just as day will become the Day (33/8). "Changing? That's impossible!" those who think that rationalism is intelligence exclaim. They say, "It's in the nature of humans that they feed so as to live, they die, they breed, they can love but also hate each other and whoever hates can't love. Each human has an inchangeable complex nature." They say also, "People spread ideas to change the world, but nature decides in the end," or they state, "After all why change? I am what I am, because I belong to my own life, and because there's every reason that I exist. So I'm going on my way."
Now, changing is possible, because the Creator says, "Truth is that the world has to change (Rev of Arès 28/7). Why would He call on man to change his own life and by changing his own life to change the world, if it were impossible?

We have to set our change deep down and our peace deep down to work jointly. We all have been born as humans subjected to our own natures as well as violent, even though the times when nature and violence tear open the customary veil of courtesy vary from human to human much. "Nonviolence whenever it is active consists of benevolence towards all that is living; it is pure love," said Gandhi, who meant that when it comes to giving up violence not only you have to give up physical violence, but also violence in all of its possible ways like authoritarianism, quarrel, anger whether outside or inside oneself. To manage it you need to build up the will to cancel evil out — so that we may do Your Will (Rev of Arès 12/4) —. We all have dual personalities, we are benevolent frank people as well as liars, thieves, murderers — "I am the brother of all murderers on earth. I have never killed anybody, only because I have never been under circumstances when I might have killed," said Gandhi again —. Even when we do not sin for real, because of a lack of circumstances to rouse sin, we have to stay aware that sin is always within the range of possibility. Therefore you have to stay watchful, and, moreover, you will always find watchfulness as something likely to disrupt your inner peace.

War does not agree with peace, but lawsuits do not agree with peace either. Submission to law or a lot of circumstances of life in society are bad for peace and our seeming submission to them is but a kind of state of inner rebellion chained up and silent. Which brings us to know that a penitent's leading difficulty is not the fact that he accepts love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence and sbolute freedom as principles, it is the fact that he has to set them going in the depths of himself where opposite temptations make his blood boil, because he has to resist temptations in silence and resistance is no peace, even when he does not suffer a fit of nerves, or he is not scary, or he turns down the same old want to do battle.
Thanks to freedom, the liberty of being, we resist sin and make ourselves have peace. Not because a colt is mad, but because it is wise, it is what a free penitent turns to be when it sets itself free from the harness and runs away from the doctors (Rev of Arès 10/10) of religion, politics, law, money, culture and rationalism. It flees from dualism, which religious monotheism has imagined and since then claimed that God's realm is heavenly, but not earthly, and which has split the unity of God and man. The spiritual, the pure non-dualistic spiritual — God and man as one being who pulls each Other's Arm (Rev of Arès xxxi/15) — has disappeared, as it were, seeing that only few real spiritual people are still living on earth and I hope we belong among them. The religious as well as political exchange values have triumphed by betraying Jesus' genius, that was the very non-duality. Man is not the servant of religion or politics, whatever, he is just the Image and Likeness of the Creator in his depths (Genesis 1/26-27).

When entering unto penitence you declare ontological war on yourself in your depths. Two identity powers fight each other inside you; Good and Evil, which both are specific characteristics of man. the Peace of Good and the peace of Evil, one word (peace) but two concepts. The small human units will be founded on man's very close watch on both of them, so that only Good might prevail.
This is why
Living up to mosaism (#176) will be changing by permanenttly forsaking religion and politics.
Living up to anarkhia (#177) will be changing by permanently substituting powers for managers.
Living up to justice and conscience (#178) will be changing by permamently giving up law and et setting faults under the watchful eyes of love, forgiveness, spiritual intelligence and absolute freedom.
For careful ! religion, politics, powers and law will for long (Rev of Arès 22/14) keep on living in some dark cupboard of the mind.
Man is made of flesh, mind and soul (Rev of Arès 17/7), but let's not forget that these constituents are continually diverging from each other. The flesh is animal, the soul is angelical and the mind, which connects them, is the throne of man's hypocrisy. They cannot coexist and uphold inner peace, unless penitence is constantly striving to persist.
Until the Father's Day dawns, nothing will be definitely gained — the Beast will live on below the horizon (22/14) —. Even in the best situation, that is, living together in small units, there will be collective happiness and innner peace only if people never stop being penitent.

copyright 2016

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