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August 22, 2016 (0177US)
penitents' anarkhism

Anarchy is an awkward topic.
Whenever I am asked, "What are the Arès Pilgrims?"
I reply in two polysemous words which people feel as conflicting , "An anarchy of penitents,"
and in my questioners' eyes I can see fear, or enthusiasm, or embarrassment; I can seldom see peace of mind.
Nevertheless, The Revelation of Arès
says, You will not be a leader for anyone (16/1), You will never give orders to anyone (36/19).
which is the definition of anarchy.
But we live in the course of time (12/6), changing our lives (30/11) can't help but be gradual.
Moreover, many an Arès Pilgrim, whose job is a power, can change it into knowledge and responsability and never lose his or her job


The rifle broken and anarchism
(a piece of graffiti)
The logo does not remind of penitence,
so it is not ours,
but we have to remind
that we will some day through love
join others that make headway
through anger for the time being.

As they are naturally prophetical, the small remnant (24/1, 26/1, 29/2, 33/12), who are the changed world in its early stages, will keep on extending in depth and width following up The Revelation of Arès's teaching developed by the eldest brother (16/1) or just prophet (xxxvii/2), whose word is the Word (i/12). The small remnant are to remain the epitome of the the community layout of the small units of humans, most of which will possibly consist of real penitents and anarkhists (no leaders for anybody), whatever affinities families they will belong in. In other small units — as freedom shall be respected — organizations will be non-Aresian and varied, but will tend towards anarkhism as a result of their community smallnesses.

Anarkhia, an ingredient in the achievement of The Revelation of Arès, cannot be introduced into the big masses, whose peace and order are just based on political powers and laws. Anarkhia as well as penitent life in joy and festive mood (Rev of Arès 30/11) is only possible in small units of humans. Therefore, it is but towards the breakup of the big masses into small units of free humans that our action line in public affairs can be conceived. We reject politics, which continuously pursues power, makes laws, offends against freedom even in democracies, which are rule by elected ones over a majority of voters of the other side + nonvoters.

An anarkhia (Greek ἀναρχία) is a society organized and managed without any government, in which no one claims to have power over anyone. In 1840 Proudhon said, "Freedom is anarchy, because it does not agree that willpower rules, but it agrees with law's authority, that is, it agrees with necessity." We can accept this statement, if the law mentioned by Proudhon is the coming Law (Rev of Arès 28/8), the widespread practice of love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence (32/5) free (10/10) from all prejudices, that which The Revelation of Arès calls penitence. Élisée Reclus said : "Anarchy is the greatest expression of order." Leo Tolstoï, also an anarchist, said about social ethics : "(Only) private revolution, the daily metamorphosis (penitence) of every individual should be the rule in society." Jacques Ellul said about Christian religion, "Churches' conformism and conservatism either social or political, pomp, hierarchy, the so-called Christian moral standards, law system, Churches' dignitaries' authoritarian Christiany, etc., that is just the social institution of Churches. That is not Christian faith, at all. So anarchists are right to deny that Christianity." Every one of these authors and many others, whom I can't mention, are very much like The Revelation of Arès on many a point.

The Revelation of Arès says, Just be One in yourself! (Rev of Arès xiv/1) and by that it means that the Universe, creatures and their Creator are just One together. The Creator even hears the rock shouting (xiv/6), which then has life though it is different from what science calls life: Life (24/5) in its universal extension. If as things stand a present the man, the star and the Hand of God (xiv/9) are not One, its is because the Father has made the Child free in His Image and Likeness (Genesis 1/26) and because the Child has freely made its religion, politics, power, law and culture breakers of Oneness. So the paradoxical piece of dust, that is the Mare that stinks (Earth, xix/15), poisons the infinite Universe. How can men love and understand each other, and how can harmony permeate through men but also through men and anything else, if different are the concepts of the True (Rev of Arès xxxiv/1-4), the basis of reason that anarkhia can manage?
The variety of human kinds of society and the unbridling of moral debilities not only never treated or mended, but also seen as normal and even inspired, is the root of never-ending inconsistencies and conflicts. Religions, not to mentions other domains, are now monotheistic — Judaism, Christianity, Islam —, now different — Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and so on — , and within each religion a wide range of types. None of ecumenicisms, which are authoritarian themselves, will ever be able to correct that. Faith variety kills the main Truth, which achieved Good is, to which everything is destined to go back. Politics heads up other forms of religion. In brief, the world has gone off in such a way that all of intelligent people questing for unity, whatever culture they may have, are aware that anarkhia is not an ideology among others, but it is mankind's primordial wisdom, that we have to find just as we have to find Life (Rev of Arès 24/5]. Shankara, previously mentioned in entry #171 "nonduality", said, "The soul is naturally pure, alert and free." As long as a great number of humans have not got a soul yet, disorder injustice, violence and the powers that claim they can control them, but that actually cause disorder, injustice and violence, are going to wreak havoc on the world.
I see press, politic speeches, administration forms, codes of law and religious sermons as barbaric songs filled with noise, threat, roughnes. There jostle together formal demands, controversies, praises, threat, intimidation, pathos, suffering, enslaving, renonciation. What am I to do then, if not do hope that I will regain the True and its wisdom in anarkhia right outside the noise, the count?

Moses was a leader for anyone. He was just a guide. He appointed Aaron leader for the ones of the Exodus people that wanted a leader, but he decided so temporarily.
When anarkhia crowns penitence, the liberation, the fulfilment of man and the end of the chaotic History of powers will be near at hand. Anarkhia will have reigned for some time when dawns the Father's Day (Rev of Arès 31/8), when the several thousand year old alternation of life and death is over, when Good and Life (24/5) definitely come into existence and the last ones who speak from above the eye (xix/7) vanish like flabby aerolites. The tupha will never go rotten (xix/11)anymore, it will bloom like  immortal glorious water lilies on the rivers of Eden.
Nothing can be better to the world than anarkhia, the flower and fruit of penitence. The Good world will be managed and well-managed, but anarkhic. Let's set our sights on a world changed and leaderless in spite of the sledgehammer arguments bound to be inflicted on us ; we will be called insane!
Thereupon, the murderous brutality of historic anarchists has forever stunned me. How could those murderers think that to kill the mighty might ever stop the system from replacing them? They were innocently unaware of the thirst for power that culture has set in man; they were unaware that only penitence can quench that thirst. Only an apostolic long-term job will be efficient.

copyright 2016

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