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April 12, 2016 (0174US)
from life to Life

"Life is a shortish exile," said Plato,
but Life, the Other one, once it is rediscovered (Revelation of Arès 24/5), will give us infinite Bliss back.

La Vie

Join the penitence and harvest with me!
Let's go together to the Shores of Life!
(A paraphrase of The Revelation of Arès 25/4)

Christianity has generated a society that is almost the opposite of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew ch.5 to 7); the same can be asserted about judaism and islam. I dearly express the wish that the faith based on The Revelation of Arès will never be hijacked by the system of Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1-5) just as the three of them have been, so that the Arès Pilgrims' descendants (39/10) may not be criticized for committing errors, wrongs, murders, lies, rules, that the Word has never laid down.
None of men is unaware that pulling out of the Word unachieved, that is, out of the contra­diction between the Word and societal life, will be a toil (Rev of Arès 31/6) much harder that the hard work to convince the masses of the truthfulness of The Revelation of Arès.
Let's remember that the Father has not sent us out to sow (6/2), but to harvest penitents, those that still hear the call of the Creator's image and likeness (Genesis 1/26) within themselves, the eagle injured but not dead, which lies (28/6) there deep down, those that give up Evil and recreate Good and never stray from it.
All depends on the practice of Good, on what The Revelation of Arès calls the achieved Word (35/6). Each Arès Pilgrim is aware that he or she is not saved and the the World will not be saved by dogmata, ideology, the law of rats (xix:24), the law that  prevails (28/8) whether religious or political, but they are to be saved by the achievement, experience in Good, that is the coming law (28/7), that will be neither devised nor written, but that will stay live in man's heart, where we have to awake it.
Not the Eternal, or God, or the Father, or Allah achieves, but man.
God's Arm certainly holds the hand that holds the sword, the Iron (Rév d'Arès 35/14, xLix/2), but man is the one that brings down Evil and cuts out (xx/6) Good.
We will not make up Moses, Jesus or Muhammad in the way religion has made them up. We will not make Jesus or Muhammad a socialist or a monarchist, a proletarian or a capitalist, tyrannical or rebellious, a crusader or a hermit. There is just one Truth, that of Good or that of the Father of the Universe (Rev of Arès 12/4), so we never get Truth as long as we fail to comply with Good.
Rebuilding Good calls for penitence. Being a penitent means loving one's neighbor whoever, forgiving all of offenses, making peace with all men, showing intelligence wholehearted and free from every prejudice, and then later, after a long  complete societal overhaul, sharing everything with all people.
The whole process involves leaving the fat valley (Rev of Arès 26/4), climbing the Heights (7/1), reversing the direction of the consciousnesses that the system has endowed us with, but it likewise involves never disowning the past, because you never disown your mother, even though you do not comply with her views of things. You get beyond them or else you may develop a loathing or even hatred and then fall back into the system, which is dual. The holy (Leviticus 19/2) man is nondual,
attached to the destiny of mankind like the destiny of its Maker, linked to the past as well as the present and the future, to the local as well as the infinite. So your task may be agonizing, but you cannot save yourself from making it so, because you cannot love the man of the present, if you do not love the man of the past, whoever he may be. Let's reformulate the world into the Whole !
We will be for long in great need of keeping real faith from returning to religion, ideology, politics, ethics, which are always saturated with the system and its categories always skillful at having justifications. We cannot be like religion, a plant pot pretty but blossoming into the fashions and interest of the moment. Humanitarian aid and social actions do not necessarily make us truer to Good. We will look for the Sublime that go beyond fashions, habits, received ideas, differences, judgments, because all of beings and things can live together, provided Good is reigning.
The quest for Good, which we have started, is not an easy path. This path enables us to go from life to Life (Rev of Arès 24/5) on rocky grounds, but the Father has promised to wash our chafed feet (25/5), hasn't He?

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