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May 15, 2019 (208US)    
The French Arès Pilgrims in the Yellow Vests movement  

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April 2019, 18 (207US) 

Old Greek anarkia means "without any leader" (Dictionary by A. Bailly). From anarkia the word anarchy has derived = refusal to be ruled in any way how. As the word anarchy, however, has named political, fierce, sometimes murderous movements, while we aim at a spiritual achievement, I prefer to call it anarkia.

The Revelation of Arès says: You shall not be a leader for anybody (16/1), You shall not captain anybody (36/19). With these words the Father reminds us of the state of anarkia He gave His Children, the human beings when He created them, and he has ceaselessly recalled them to have to reestablish it.
Anarkia may recur, but it is a very difficult scheme, because it affects the sort of society Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1-5) wanted to set up: masses of ruled people subjected by the winds of a few rulers.
Can human beings be absolutely free (Rev of Arès 10/10) again, not be subjected to any ruler (16/1) or law (27/8, xix/24) after they have lived for millennia (at the very best) in freedom reduced by dominators even in democracies? The prospect of that revival explains why The Revelation of Arès is dismissed by powers, who think or claim that it is foolish to plan a comeback to an intelligent world for the basic humans chained to the wall of the cave that Plato made famous in "The Republic".

But human beings unknowingly have the tool to break their chain: love. Anarkia, which is a component of Good, will be reborn through love.

L'architecte est-il une chef ?

Were the architect and the builder of that Roman marvel (Xth c.),
which is that beautiful in proportions and balance, rulers ?

I don't think so. I think they were just coordinators of the brother
workers they used to advise in a work which was a shared concern.
I am the little guy there below, I put my hand on one of the stones
that a worker's hands handled centuries ago
to set it where it still lies: Continuity!
Anarkia, which will result from love,
will take us up on the paths of spiritual continuity.
(Shot by Christiane Potay)

Anarkia is not anarchism.
Although anarchism is seldom mentioned in political speeches and by media, as if it had disappeared, anarchism continues to apply to many situations, albeit endlessly conquered, because it is nothing but the unlimited agony of anarkia ever since Adam's days. There will not be much of a future for anarchism, because it is incomplete by being forever looking for social, ethical, material freedom instead of the absolute bloom of the soul, therefore of love or Good.
It is not anarchism, but anarkia that we will bring to life for the sole reason that we are doing penitence (Rev of Arès 30/11) by reviving love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual  intelligence freed from prejudices. Anarkia or  the leaderless world (16/1) is in sync with the resurrectional plan of love of the neighbor.
In History there has been a wide spectrum of anarchism. Today we can see it for instance in the bulky nature of alterglobalization, the violent Black Blocks, the gentle Pink Blocks, the scary Revolutionary Clowns and others like the good old Anarchic Federation. There is not much of a future for all of them.

Anarkia issues from the soul, but not from the mind.
Anarkia is quite different from anarchism. Just as love will, it will conquer the terrible harmfulness of ego for the simple irresistible reason that ego is the only place into which man living under the iron rule of powers and their law can hide away from them, cut himself off from them, and because powers, once they have faded, ego as the current shelter of man will disappear and man's heart will open.

Anarchism in a lot of forms has striven to build a free society which could have been classless, unpatriotic,  borderless. It has striven to put up freedom, equality and security between all people without any law, power, police, judges or prisons. But it has rarely, shortly and only locally succeeded in doing so, because its purpose has been but social, ethical and material and unable to overcome the disproportion between the forces, as the powers' force has always been higher. Anarchism has forgotten about the strength of the spiritual, which is part to man.
It is wrong to think that anarchism is just just good at monkeying wrench and destoy; it has had strategies decided in participative, consensual, egalitarian debates, but they have continually been lacking in strength and just made sparks fly in unfinished actions and failed to kindle the only Fire (Rev of Arès xLi/5-7) likely to go.
There is not much of a future for anarchism, whatever form it may have.
Penitence, anarkia therefore, cannot work well but in small people units with no ruler or dominator, small units the public fonctions of which always revocable non-political managers are put in charge. Now, such a principle is only achieved if the links between men, which are currently knit together by law, get knit together by love. The community order which is hierarchical, policed, judicial, calendared, etc., which modern people think as innate and inevitable, is actually an ideology long grown unconscious and its opposite, which is anarchism, is an ideology likewise, although it has grown conscious because it has been constantly though vainly in search of existence.

Anarkia is not ideological, but fundamental :
Anarkia is the natural way of societal life, that the Father prompts us to recover, just as He prompts us to recover Life (Rev of Arès 24/5). Through The Revelation of Arès the Father reminds us of the crucial fact that we are creatures of a particular kind, creatures that are cocreators of themselves (the reminder of it has already been given by Genesis 1/26 : He made man in His image and likeness). He prompts us to prefer out theocreated form to our anthropocreated one, which is sinful and self-destructive, in other words to bridge the divide between the Creator and the cocreators, that is, bring down the devil (12/14) or get rid of Adam's sinful world (2/1-5, vii/6-14).
The rebirth of the Edenic world prior to Adam's Fall, the world that has formally vanished, but has remained virtually alive deep down inside man, will take time, but is achievable (Rev of Arès 24/2). What we call civilisation exists only because human beings are no more capable of meeting their real needs. Freedom as well as beauty and eternity represent natural life and as such as it will reappear on the Day when the Father stops the star under our feet and the Light ceaselessly covers everything and the universe jubilates (31/8-9), but we can be drawn to it as of now.
In no small part modern life is just imagination. Human beings live in castles in the air, are under illusions about lots of things, the emptiness of which some people (for instance, the Yellow Jackets) realize at times, cry it out, but are unheard. We know that modernity is deluding, because people continue undergoing time (Rev of Arès 12/6), worries, misfortune, hunger, fear, diseases and death. Anarkia as a plan of penitence will enable man to escape them; Just like love is, anarkia is a path to the Hights, the way to time when it stops (31/8), when man (whether we or our offspring) flouts the artificialities of so-called civilised life, when we satisfy our quest for Happiness, when we set ourselves free from the burden of what we call destiny.

Furthermore — to have to abridge my entry is irksome to me — anarkia is not just about powers and law whether political or religious. It is alike about saving humanity from other powers, those of cultures which model man on them, technologies which enslave him, many sufferings he cannot avoid. Anarkia is about man reconciling with his mankind, which he has come to hate — hence wars unremitting on earth, lawsuits (other forms of war), miscellaneous wrongs —  about man  breaking off ideologies, religions, psychosocial prospects, which have turned into infirmities. It is about eliminating giving man complete spiritual responsability in the magnificient community of the created Universe. It is about eliminating the shameless enthronement of powers like media stars, sport stars, fashions, sentinel issues that monopolize micros, television cameras, media, the litterature publicized in "book fairs" against the literature that is swept under the carpet to make it invisible or almost imperceptible. We can call power all that obscures the fact that all human beings are in equality makers of the world of Good that comes and the Father's equal Children.

Anarkia vanished long ago, but is there still a man on earth that could stop looking for its ghost at random? There is a main obstacle put on the way of anarkia like on the way of love:  Sin and the mistakes and shortcomings which result form it. Anarkia like love calls for the defeat of sin.
In Dostoievski's days anarchists used to say that there were three ways to prepare the change towards anarchism: 1. With undercover men like jesuits, 2. Through propaganda, 3. Through insubordination put into practice, but the three of them can be used at the same time." They were unseccesful. Today anarchists advocate, for instance, moves like "fluffy versus spiky", that is, the violent agaisnt the nonviolent. So Black Blocks are the spiky and Pink Blocks are the fluffy, but is there a noteworthy difference between them and the powers they fight? They too are unsuccessful, anyway. We Arès Pilgrims cannot pander to the violence of the spiky or the helplesness of the fluffly. We necessirily have to act in a different direction, to another form of leaderless world, one that will be spiritual.

copyright 2019

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March 12, 2019 (206US)
Freedom through forgiveness

Only forgiveness can set free both the forgiver and the forgiven one
and make both of them one humanity

The endless vengeance (Rev of Arès 27/9) cycle has to be stopped,  and the endless love (7/5) cycle has to be started. Forgiveness is the main bridge between both cycles.

People see the death penalty problem from many points of view, but in the movie "Dead Man Walking", which I have watched lately, I saw it from the most retrograde point of view, that of love that refuses to give itself. Love and forgiveness, however, is the key to the human being's change and salvation. The movie features the parents of the young that have been killed by the man under sentence of death. They declare themselves Catholic, but their attitude is clearly one of hatred and revenge.
"Dead Man Walking" is a movie about the failure of Church "Christianity", because forgiving all offences, whatever, is the very Core of love, the heart of real pure Christianity, the base of the Sermon on the Moutain.

Future is prepared by forgiveness
Forgiveness does not alter the past, it alters the future.

Forgiveness of offences is part and parcel of love or Good. Consequently, it is an ingredient of penitence, which is the sole way to happiness and salvation, whether personal (30/11) or global (28/7), says The Revelation of Arès. Therefore, redemption does not depend on obedience to the demands of a religion, but it depends on Good achieved (35/6).

It goes without saying that I mention The Revelation of Arès over and over, but I never mention it like religions mention their own sources, their Scriptures. I do not mention it to disarm my brothers and sisters, make them docile shaking people, I want to make them create their own destinies, follow close on the Father's heels (Rev of Arès 2/12), instead, and thus make them co-creators of the world and even the Universe, because I am the Father's image and likeness (Genesis 1/26), so I have a connection with the Universe. Within this framework, forgiveness is existential in the most active and creative sense of the word.

A pilgrim (12/9) when making his ascent is conscious that he is not confined to earthly life, which sin makes a string of hardships, pains and sometimes follies, but he knows that his life is short and like the rocky path where he walks stumbling from the valley of sin up to the Heights of the Day. While he climbs from life to Life (24/5), every stumbling block he gets over is a prejudice relinquished, a peace made, an offence forgiven. It may be likely that the soul will come up against other stumbling blocks during the time in the hereafter awaiting the Day (31/8) when he will put his flesh back on. On that Day each man will understand that what he had formerly thought was detestable and punishable has been nothing but life of sinful misery.
But the man busy working out his salvation, eternity, may starting now feel earthly misery relative and short. The prospect of salvation is given to all of human beings, even evil-doers, at the low cost of penitence, which makes any pious man light-hearted, and which is lighter than the yoke on the neck of  dominating rich people (Rev of Arès 28/25). So any evil on earth is to be placed in perspective and may be forgiven, because the aim is far beyond. It is not sin that separates us from the Father, which is proved by the fact that Jésus and the Father Himself spoke to me a sinner in 1974 and 1977. We are sinners, but the Light is given back and the paths (25/5) towards the Heights are shown to us.

The polyvocal nature of forgiveness is well known. There is trivial forgiveness: For instance, In the street car I say, "Pardon!" to people I jostle against. There is crative forgiveness. For instance, in days when we as a family used to live isolated in Arès some people full of hatred might plague us at times. If those "dispensers of real faith" had abducted one of our daughters after school, and had threatened us that they were likely to kill her if we refused to claim that The Revelation of Arès was a canard, we Christiane and I has decided to reply, "The Truth won't die if our daughter dies, and she will not die either, because angels will take her in and bring her into Life. We certainly would shout out our affliction, but we will never  fall into the trap of endless vengeance (Rev of Arès 27/9). We will forgive you, because evil never produces anything but woes, and because we hope that you'll find the Light some day."
We have to forgive any offence no matter what kind of offence.
Forgiving is neither forgetting nor giving oneself up to the bad. Forgiving is giving any sinner, whether important or unimportant, enough time to find serenity, which is the eye of the Light. The return of Life on our planet depends on it.

copyright 2019

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February 12, 2019 (205US)
Yellow Vests   
Réseaux Hertziens France

French Terrestrial Network.
Radio France and France Télévision are inaccessible to us,
though they are financed by the taxes we pay.
  For 45 years we have not been granted one minute on air.
Therefore we too are left-out people.

YouGov is an international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm, that gave some results of its surveys in France on November 30, 2018, 83 percent of the French people and on January 11, 2019, 74 percent of them found the Yellow Vests collective action as vindicated. So there are a lot of sympathizers with the Yellow Vests movement, which is a social dissatisfaction movement with many sorts of claim. I see fit to launch our rafts in that current.

The Yellow Vests generally claim a better financial lot, reject politicians as people unable to bring it about, and, as a result, their claims stay political and restricted. This is not a criticism, but we wish they could have less narrow views, cast out the civilisation of systems, strive to change their lives (Rev of Arès 30/11), raise humanity above materialism and the eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth principle, make man free again, give him his beneficient creative talents back. We Arès Pilgrims are in a quandary about all that, because we are unpolitical and we listen to  the Sermon on the Mount: You cannot serve God and Materialism (Mammon)... Life is more than food... (Matthew 6/24-25).
However, we as brothers of the Yellow Vests cannot help but act as if we would resort to Mammon,
but in such a way that we could some Day (Rev of Arès 31/8) arrive at the ideal of Good by encouraging society materially to go through the best gate liable to open onto the ideal of Good: Reforming France to make it a lot of small confederated sovereign regions, because putting into practice Good (love, freedom, real democracy) instead of law is especially feasible in small human units where men know each other well.

Ever since the 19th century evolutionary theories have considered all of peoples on earth as being on a sole evolutionary path from individualism to state control, that is, to the obedient mass nation under a sole political authority and its law, a homogenization seen as inevitably global of political institutions, legalism, economical infrastructures and philosophical guidelines. This was stated as being the only general blueprint likely to provid peace and happiness. Not at all! Right now it is obvious that men have remained very different from each other. An unconscious need for dignity, for one's individuality, for freedom, which indeed is an instinctive unformulated need, one which dares not be distinguished from the ideas in fashion, and which puts on a yellow vest, and which started from a protest against the overtaxing of fuel oils and then has grown toward miscellaneous ethic philosophic outcries. No more than it was in bygone days humane "to civilize the colonized with rifles" (Camille Pelletan, member of Parliament 1881 to 1912), it is today humane to set people straight and control them with law enforced on everybody "as a whole" as brother Eric D. has written on a public poster.

Panneau Rachel Flora Lyon

Panneau préparé par soeur Rachel F.
pour la manif des Gilets Jaunes à Lyon.

It is implausible that the elected officials with Jacobine, centralizing, legalistic plans turn alert to the freed word of the Yellow Vests soon. The Yellow Vests are likely to get crumbs to swell their daily bread, which is nice, but they will get tired of it without further delay, because nothing basically human can revive from a social movement which would stay episodic and limited instead of growing lasting and extensive. An exchange of views does not make sense as long as it happens between a mankind "reflexive on itself", said Fenelon, and a naturally inflexible power, even a revolutionary one, unless it slowly gets a facelift and little by little softens a thought stiffened like leather for a long time. The Cartesian "I think therefore I am" has meaning only if the thinking is flexible, lively, creative.
Deafness is the consequence of politics when the elected officials who challenge the Yellow Vests are convinced that they alone make right choices and that Republican usages should always be followed. The serious shortcomings in views and the jingle of politicians, whether stupid or smart, whether imperious or kind, have from time immemorial made their marks on the regulators' speeches. Emmanuel Macron, a young man though, does not realize that his feet are caught in the fossil strata, so he does nothing but  stands up for the job that he has been given by the electoral system; he objurgates the Yellow Vests calling them "forces of the world of old", which has no meaning. World of old may mean defeated outdated world or mean a world very distant past but recoverable. What Emmanuel Macron thinks is evil is good in reality, a noble dignified ancientness, that of the fundamental man wise, free, patient, who resurfaces. It all starts here, the abyss ; no one can say who will ever fill it except well-advised people like the Arès Pilgrims, who are aware that penitence, the slow recovery of Good laid down by The Revelation of Arès, can make the filling. Four generations will not be enough (Rev of Arès 24/2),

The French give their opinions on the ISF (wealth tax), unemployment benefits, secularism, migration policy, and so on, which apparently makes them claim that people's intelligence is better than the technocrats', but these points are just  circumstantial, they are not about the Core. What a lot of them mean but do not tell, because it is inexpressible with administrative words or even scientific words, is happiness. Under their yellow vests they feel the unpronounceable natural commotion, that even poets lack right words about, that which parents and children, husband and wife, lovers feel depp down inside while they hug each other. Oh dear, if you say it to them, they protest, because it is a point of pride to seem rational. But I tell you that intense life is what they are looking for. This is why they bustle about parading, waving placards, even rioting here and there. The Yellow Vest's problem is like that of the politician to whom he or she is opposed, that is inability to find the profound reality of the being. However, unlike the poltician he or she gets restless, shouts, sometimes riots to unearth something buried, that only his or her heart like a pickax can dig out, and that powers and their police cannot or will not see.

Not only, as expected, the government, the major political parties and trade unions, in other words those who fabricate the opinion have already stacked the Yellow Vests with their men and distorted the early complaint of the left-out, but anyway no controversy about the referendum on the IC (socially aware initiative) and no social demands or wage claims will solve the question of happiness. because — as The Revelation of Arès says fundamentally — the solution will never come from a legislative political decision, but it will come from the penitence of every individual concerned. In short, there are a lot of reasons why the French that move forward and want to change their lives (Rev of Arès 30/11) and the French that sit enthroned on law and authority will never agree on that point, as long as it applies to 67 million inhabitants. We have to make France and later the world burst into small confederated sovereignties. In Mr Macron's election speeches there was a promise of "revolution" and most importantly he chose that word as the title of his program book, but he will never go as far as to transform the Republic into a Confederation. The way to reach this aim will be a long one, then. Four generations will not be enough (24/2).
You are to ask me : If the Yellow Vests movement is likely to fall through, what's the point of following it? I answer, Because the Creator, therefore our Assembly, offers the most significant solution to gain happiness, even if it is a straightforward process.  So for the time being mingling with the Yellow Vests helps us to get a little known, as we are great unknown people, and to do our bit in a movement that has sprung up from the depths of the human element. We are going to make a little progress then. We are the engine that will tow the world out of sin and make it leave the tunnel, come to the Light, but the track is very long. We are still in the tunnel darkness and a bit of an advance will be particularly helpful. It is necessary to start providing incentives to love and freedom, and also spreading the idea of making France burst into small sovereignties like the Cantons of the Helvetian Confederation. The time of these ideas will slowly come. Never forget that small societies are the only area where some day popular life of penitence is likely to be lived and happiness likely to be recovered in whole mankind.

copyright 2019

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January 15, 2019 (204US)
Hop-o'-My-Thumb's small pebbles

Today 45th anniversary of Jesus's Appearance at Arès and Sister Christiane's 74th birthday. Alleluia!
Having said this,

The Father makes Himself clear  like
Hop-o'-My-Thumb marks out his trail with small pebbles. Who sees them?
We think that Jesus has only to appear and speak, then the Father has only to make Himself clear, and out with all the old bees in bonnets!
"Of course not, of course not!"
This age's eyes are billions of ogres' eyes which can't see
Hop-o'-My-Thumb's small pebbles. Ideas have stayed stuck to clichés just as one is fated to get lost in a deep forest.
"We do not have any dogma or leader, or law, or compulsory prayer, each of us loves, forgives, is free from all prejudices, so we don't belong in a religion," you tell the chance fellow, and that is true. Now, the fellow replies, "But don't you believe in God ? You do. You are religious." You answer as a triumphant man, "No, we aren't compelled to believe in God (Rev of Arès 28/12)." Never mind! You  bright people! It will happen some day when the chance fellow asks us something like, "How has The Revelation of Arès arisen?" and we will have to reply, "In a supernatural event." So the fellow will tell you aloud, "That's it ! You belong in a religion!"

Can the cat see the snapshooter?
No, he only just thinks, "Hullo, a biped!"

The True and Life are like Hop-o'-My-Thumb's small pebbles imperceptible to common people.
Our expectations are shortened to a religion, because we deny that the Invisible be empty, the Infinite be narrow, love of the neighbor be forgotten, and we bring about replies to metaphysical nihilism, and because all that has stayed hopelessly thick religious ideas to the common street people.
We as apostles will speak of changing from evil to good through love, forgiveness, peace, intelligence kindheartened and free from all prejudices, but the listeners sooner or later feel us telling something from some nonmaterialistic Spirit or Breath, so our goose is cooked like meat in the old nice casserole where religion like the same boiled beef in onion sauve has simmered ever since the olden days. How can we at the time explain thet someone can believe but not be religious, pray but not be sanctimonious, be linked with the Maker but not be mystical, assure of life after death but not be a religious nut? This is not possible now, but time will come when it is. For the time being we are virtually rejected like pigs by our Jewish or Muslim brethen.

And yet we no longer want religion and the behaviors that are modelled on it. Because religion, whatever, is a system of dogma(ta), law(s), contraints(s), habit(s), prejudices, culture, sometimes hierarchy; it breaks off the continuous creation and progress of oneself, which are peculiar to human beings, who are the Creator's images and likenesses (Genesis 1/26). From these fetters The Revelation of Arès sets us free. To us praying is as natural as thinking, loving our neighbors as natural as loving sun's warmth or light, dying as natural as going to Life.
The brief earthly existence is the springboard, which is short : a few decades of flesh, towards Life (Rev of Arès 24/5). The flesh is just a stage of birth. Each human being is born a caterpillar in the mother's womb, and then turns into a cocoon — his or her earthly life — in which God or the Father-Mother, or Life, or the Whole, sets one of Its Atoms maturing. He or she as an ethereal monarch will fly away to Life, the Infinite, through the gate, which people commonly call  death and we call passage, release.
None of religion, but Life, that's all.

The world is a narrow shell, where language vocabulary is stunted, very poor, man's horizon is minute, the idea register ridiculously small, the heaven is seen in cramped conditions by man's eye and given a capital H to make it sacred. A wretched illusion. The Mother-Father actually is as natural as grass in fields. How can man forego the restriction due to poor Adam's concepts?
Possibly, for instance, by transcending religion, saying, "Religion? We are much more than religion. The small pebbles that the Father by revealing The Revelation of Arès has slipped into out pockets to mark out our paths lead us much farther, to Life, because Life has never begun and will never end, so we are just a short blood development of that Life.
Possibly by replying, "Religion? No. It's outdated. We do not see God on one hand and human beings on another hand. To us God and human beings are as one. We spread Jesus' teaching, which was that the world should turn into the homeland of love combined with Love, That binds all that is in It together. A man exists in his heart and head, but not in registers, on papers, diplomas, titles, tombstones."
We are in no doubts as to other means to make love prevail over religion.

The Revelation ofArès, the Voice from Heaven, tells us to recover Life (24/5), but not religion.

copyright 2019

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December 19, 2018 (203us) 
Leonidas's blog


At Thermopylae Leonidas and 300 of his people stop
the biggest army of the then mightiest empire:
Persia under Xerves 1st.
I and 300 Arès Pilgrims will defeat the
mightiest empire of this time: sin
deep down man and Evil to which it contributes.

         No translation from French into English

copyright 2018

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Novembre 17, 2018 (202US)
None of religion, but Life

The legalistic society of ours hates the uncategorizable. It imperiously puts us Arès Pilgrims on the religion register, because it puts there any society prone to consider painful mortal life as passing, which claims that man belongs to immortal Life, to which he will go or return, and the members of which escape the immediate world's prospects through thought and prayer.

What sort of register could you put Noah and Abraham's faith in? None. They did not abide by any system organized with dogmas and rules. God spoke to them and they lived in accordance with Him. So are we living with The Revelation of Arès.
Why has Spinoza been put in the atheist register instead? He was not an atheist ; he was an uncategorizable one. Also uncategorizable are the human beings, who are many more than we think they are and speechless with a scare or fear of the judgment of others, but privately free (Rev of Arès 10/10) just as we are and thereby claim, just as the Maker claims, that man has been created to enjoy Life with no power or law over him.
The passage to absolute spiritual freedom, that Jesus used to preach and The Revelation of Arès preaches, will stay unachieved as long as penitent men sufficient in number fail to recover Life (Rev of Arès 24/5), full autonomy on the basis of love, but not of law, in unanimous generosity in soul : the polone (xxxix/12-13). The class of men, that will be their old selves again like the nimble colt free from... all those who benefit from breaking it in and hitching it up (10/10), is that who will counterbalance the big weight of the impenitent (13/4, 27/7). The necessary counterbalance is called penitence in The Revelation of Arès; it is made of love, forgiveness, peace, intelligence free from all prejudices. All in all, the counterbalance is the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew ch.5 to 7) once it is achieved (35/6).

L'homme et l'infini

Man and the Infinite Love he is issued by. That's all.

A religion (cult, denomination and so on), whatever, has specificities, which The Revelation of Arès and the Arès Pilgrims have not. Not only The Revelation of Arès, which could be called The Breath sent back in Arès, and its prophet do not found any religion, but also they set man free from religion, just as Bouddah, Jesus and other witnesses to the Breath have set men free from religion continuously. We have to recover free  (Rev of Arès 10/10) absolute Life (24/5).

We have faith, but we do not have religion. We freely love pious actions : faith, penitence, apostolate, prayer ; none of them is compulsory.
We as mirrors of the Father's Love love.
To be straining after Life is our only logical action to be.
To be! It is not what man believes in, but what man does which saves man from the darkness into which man has forever plunged.
Religions are systems, which have robbed faith of its prime movers, in order to  concoct their dogmata, law, rules, cultures, and make people fear them. They are the opposite of absolute freedom (Rev of Arès 10/10) mirrored in man by the Sanctity, the Power and the Light (12/4), which are sublimely free, as they belong to God who created man as his Image and Likeness, free beings (Genesis 1/26-27). Each religion promises its faithful Mercy, but Mercy anyhow is shown by God even to unbelievers. What's more, religion never changes man, because only man can change himself (30/11). Now, this is the real problem: Truth is that the world has to change (28/7).

It is likely that religion, whether a Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim one or some other one, which all are expert in reinterpretation, will set up on The Revelation of Arès, but it is precisely why the Father asks me to gather together against the religious crucher a unbreakable nucleus of pure Arès Pilgrims, the small remnant (Rev of Arès 24/1). The small remnant is the spearhead of penitence, which will remove religion and its dogmata supposed to give salvation by the very fact of believing in them and abiding by its rules. The small remnant will teach that there is no kinship to the Father but conscience when it recovers its image and likeness with Him through penitence. Only love revives Life deep down in the loving and in the loved, Life that no language, whatever, can explain.

Here is my reply to Brother Alain Le B. in the #201 comments page of my blog. It written in one go tells with other words that we are not the heralds of religion, but the heralds of Life :

Nothing is compulsory in our typical spiritual customs; nothing but requirement of conscience. So the Pilgrimage is not obligatory. The Father tells me, Call on the brothers and brothers, 'Come and take the Fire!' (Rev of Arès xLi/7), but He does not add, "And those who will not come are to be punished." He says only, Call on! The brother comes or does not come ; the brother is not obliged. It is just a requirement of his conscience and he is saved if he quite simply is a man of Good, a penitent, which is not legal either, but just reasonable.
What means being reasonable? Just this: If I'm hungry, I eat, or if I don't eat I end up dying of hunger. That's all. This is why you are the first servant of our Pilgrimage, on which nobody is obliged to go, and which derives from The Revelation of Arès's logic, which we follow consciously. This is why I am keen on making my own pilgrimage, being in Arès day after day from June 21 to August 15. I might as well not making it.
To me following The Revelation of Arès's reasoning makes sense. To you too, obviously. so that I am happy to see you as the first servant of the Pilgrimage year after year and I think, "Alain could be away from Arès. I could be away from Arès. We wouldn't be lost sheep for all that. My conscience is a God, which acts the way it wants to like God does; his conscience is also a God, Who acts the way He wants to. Our participations to Arès's Pilgrimage are gratuitous. If we would not be there to take the Fire, we would be saved as well, since we are penitent, and the Salvation would be gratuitous.
Each human is a God if he or she is a being of Good like God, which is all that logically results from the Word of Arès. This is why we do not know how each human's conscience is, just a we do not know where God is. He is the Whole of Good and He is everywhere ; the conscience is the whole of good and it is everywhere. So that we are by no means a religion, obviously.
Faith is a hard task of Good, which conscience imposes upon each man or woman. This is the reason why no complete depiction of Good is ever found in the Word. The Sermon on the Mount describes a few actions of Good, but any reader feels well just as he feels God that it could be ended by "ad libitum", that is,  in accordance with all possible wishes or with no limit, provided Good is the aim. Good cannot be a religion, because Good as considered by a given conscience generally looks like Good as considered by another conscience, but is never really the same. Is there any thermometer, barometer or manometer likely to measure love, forgiveness, peace? No. It is nevertheless true that love, forgiveness, peace can be found anywhere and God asks us to change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7) in order that people can find them everywhere. My conscience sees Good as a necessity, but, my brother, your conscience sees Good as a different necessity, even though these necessities are kin. Necessities are different between men. If they were not so, there would be no trace of faith; there would be only law.
Sabbath is a rest, which the Eternal fierily advises men to observe and our Jewish brother observe it from Friday night to Saturday night strictly, because it is the law to them. But why on Saturday ? Why not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc? Why not once a month, once a year, according to the various ways time is indicated or measured on earth? We too observe the sabbath, but each of us according to his or her time. The Beauty (12/3) of the sabbath lies in the fact that it is free (10/10). Our Jewish brothers have a religion. We don't have any. We have Life.
The definition of Good requires the perpetual redefinition of Good, which is the very nature of God, but we never know where God is, so Good has myriad forms everywhere. A religion has definite forms. We instead have only Good with myriad forms like Life, nothing else.
Of course, we have to change the world really.

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October 12, 2018 (201US)
Well then where is God?  

As a churchman I used to think I had God living in front of the faithful by means of  the creed, the prayers and troparions, the right signs of the cross, attitudes and gestures, the bread and wine consumption, in short by respecting dogmata and tradition absolutely, just as a colonel thinks he provides the nation with security by making soldiers obey without the slightest hesitation and getting them well-drilled.
And then it turned out that an event I had never excepted came : Jesus and his Message en 1974, God and his Message in 1977. The Revelation of Arès! All I had believed in went up in smoke. I had ceased to know Who God is, What God is. I found out that He was not the supreme king, judge and master of fate, but the too much loving Father (Rev of Arès 12/7), the prodigious Breath, Which is all and everywhere from my branchioles to the immeasurable infinite, the unthinkable link between Sanctity, Power and Light, the absolute Outspread one from my nails to the Whole, to Life, whose image and likeness I had been from the day of my birth. I was suddenly aware that there was not Him on high and me here below, the tiny worm (Rev of Arès 2/10), but that I was a fragment indissociable from his creative Strength, and that I mastered my destiny just as He masters His. Hence the great problem still unsolved.

I with a passion launched into the prophethood, that Jesus acting in the Name of God had asked me to take on so as to solve the great problem.
I did not take a long time to realize that the believers who followed me were much more thirsty for protection and/or mystical epic than anxious to become the co-creators of a world which was spiritually uncompleted; they were likely to fall prey to my passion and make me a venerated icon. As I was responsible for their freedom, because no one is a good penitent, as long as he or she is not absolutely free (Rev of Arès 10/10),  I turned totally humble so that I might hang over none of my brothers and sisters' consciences and leave each of them in control of itself.
Then my brothers and sisters began really living God out, because God is not conceived by the senses, or reason, or feelings. God is Life ineffable, imperceptible though compelling, when petinence awakes It, that spreads out (Rev of Arès ii/4) without a break from the least atom in the depths of man to the infinity of the Universe. He really is beyond all that is told about Him (Quran 6/100)/
He is Life, That we have to find again (Rév of Arès 24/5).

God spread out from me to the intangible infinity of the sky where a dust hangs called stars & planets

Men of religion have invented many means to make God present. In order to fill the gap digged by Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/1-5) between the Creator's Hand (31/5, 32/2, ii/2, iv/1, vii/3... mentioned 54 times) and man's hand (mentioned about 90 times in The Rev of Arès) religions have devised among others churches, synagogues, mosques, prayers, songs, pilgrimages, fasts, so that man may conjecture the Unseen one, the great Missing one. Actually, religion brings about nothing more than a transfer of attachment, just as for instance people visit graves to mourn for father or mother or you are stirred watching Sister Blanche in "Dialogue of the Carmelites". It was the way I as a churchman had thought I was close to God. After 1977 I found out that He was Sanctity, Light and Might (Rev of Arès 12/4), the unlocatable evanescent Totally Other, of Whom my most minute cell and the smallest bit of my mind as well as the limitless cosmos were made up. This is an existential bend difficult to negociate. You have to negociate it out of absolute humility, which alone enables you to grasp the situation clearly.
The secret of spiritual happiness: Never ask yourself questions about God. Whenever I pray, I do not know whether He listens to me, but I kow that He is within me too, in my corpuscles, my atoms, so I am sort of admitting being heard by Him, as I can hear myself.
You have to dispel ecstatic faith, whatever, from you. Ecstasy is impossible in the presence of the invisible God spread to infiniteness, the Great Unobtrusive one, the nearly Silent one, who speaks about once in a millennium.
Just get attached to God as long as you live bodily, because you are also His image and likeness (Genesis 1/26), even though He is the ideal transfiguring Life (Rev of Arès 24/5). The link between us and God is emotional, albeit He is forever escaping from us. Life and Love are invisible, but actual. Think that by night you can see the Whole which He has been forever creating, whenever you look up : On the day the sun is scattered like poppy feathers I (God) keep on running and making a thousand new suns (xxii/12).
God does not make my destiny. I make my destiny, but simultaneously I make somewhat of His Destiny.
Mysterious Nondualism!

copyright 2018

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